Cloud Enabled Video System Records and Streams Multi-Channel 4K HD-SDI, DVI with IRIG-B and GPS Time Sync

Cloud enabled UltraHD 4k version of Studio9000DVR-IRIG High Speed Multichannel HD-SDI, DVI, dvr with precision IRIG-B or GPS time referencing and frame time-stamp simultaneously captures, records, and streams multiple channels with ease

Cepoint Networks, LLC announced it has started shipping the company's newer series of rugged, rack mount Model UH4K-9000UltraHD DVR-IRIG system with optional On-Demand client provisional features suitable for CLOUD services. UH4K-9000UltraHD 4K is a parallel multichannel capturing and recording DVR with Thunderbolt technology incorporating 10Gb/s bi-directional data transfer rate, so multiple high data rate can be streamed in real-time to attached storage or display devices or multiple clients or destinations without bottle necks or hiccups.

Studio9000 UltraHD data acquisition and digital video revolution. Carefully crafted with quality components for crystal clear 3D cinematic video resolution up to 4K (4096 x 4096) pixels and pristine clear Ultra HD audio that brings real-time life like pictures and audio to any studio.

Any screen, any video playback device or source can interface with Cepoint's Studio9000.

In addition to support of IP sources, HDMI/DVI, VGA/, 3G /HD-SDI video sources, the unit is designed to also support other video sources like USB-3, CoaXpress, CameraLINK, Radar Screen, Medical X-Ray and Computer videos

The Power of Thunderbolt™

Built on revolutionary Thunderbolt™ technology, Studio9000 UltraHD's Thunderbolt

10Gb/s bi-directional data transfer rate uniquely allows up to four or more 1920 x 1080 video streams to be easily streamed at up to 60fps using a blazingly fast single cable connection to your video and storage devices and equipment that has the bandwidth to handle the highest resolution video formats easily while synchronizing IRIG-B or GPS time codes with video frames. The system's IRIG-B or GPS TTL pulse trigger output can be used in triggering external devices or cameras attached to the unit. Thunderbolt ensures low latency and highly accurate time synchronization for the highest quality capture and playback. Ultra Studio9000 DVR-IRIG new generation models are powered via the Thunderbolt and multiple DVI-HDMI and 3G or 6G /HD-SDI connections so they are extremely robust and portable. The high performance UltraStudio9000 4K model is the world's first Thunderbolt 2 solution! Featuring precision IRIG-B or GPS synchronized time-codes and double speed Thunderbolt 2 with loop through and dual link 6G-SDI, it is ideal for demanding 3D stereoscopic vision workflows, Ultra HD and DCI 4K.

Applications services includes:

• Professional video broadcasting or streaming

- Private, Public or Hybrid CLOUD video services

• Medical Imaging

• Airborne video recording with precision IRIG /GPS time stamp

• Object tracking and time reference measurement

• Missile range testing

• Endless video program looping

• Security recorder/player

• Bullet explosion testing

• Industrial monitoring

• Portable field production

• Desktop video capture station

• Surveillance recorder with precison frame time-stamp

Although the industrial grade professional system is designed for high speed imaging and advanced scientific video recording and surveillance applications, the unit is as well suited for enterprise video streaming and IP video broadcasting in private or public cloud settings. Working with all variants of video protocols and video formats.

Cepoint's Studio9000DVR-IRIG video acquisition systems are being used in Enterprise video applications, R D laboratories, and defense agencies for complex and advanced imaging applications, high end video surveillance and IPTV streaming or Broadcasting. Optional new features now includes Cloud provisioning for On-demand usage.

Cepoint is a systems integration, consulting, and manufacturing company with emphasis in custom and specialized IT products and solutions for Scientific R D, Industrial imaging, security and communications applications. The company also manufactures high performance, industrial strength computing systems, enterprise NAS storage, network communication systems, applied computing products, and technologies for scientific applications and industrial processes.

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