Cloud-Based Backup Software targets SMBs.

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Providing agentless backup of multiple systems from 1 server, KineticCloud(TM) Backup Suite ensures optimized data protection for PCs, Macs, servers, and databases. Continuous data protection and granular scheduling capabilities fully automate manual work. For disaster readiness, suite provides hybrid cloud backup with unlimited local vault allowing for 2 backup locations for redundancy. Advanced block-level backups based on de-duplication technology optimize initial backup and restoration times.

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KineticD Releases Suite of Cloud Backup Offerings for SMBs

KineticCloud Backup Provides Complete Data Protection for Customers and Partners

TORONTO, -- KineticD(TM), known for its cloud backup and data recovery services for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), today announced the availability of KineticCloud(TM) Backup Suite for SMBs and partners. KineticCloud Backup offers leading edge online backup technology to protect the entire SMB environment securely, reliably and economically.

As reported by the Aberdeen Group late last year, 48 percent of mid-sized businesses and 38 percent of small businesses have taken the initiative to move their data to the cloud with the main business driver behind cloud initiatives being disaster recovery or backup. KineticCloud Backup provides SMBs with the latest data backup and recovery technology. Specifically designed to ensure optimized data protection for PCs, Macs, servers and databases, KineticCloud completely automates tedious administrative tasks by simplifying management of backup software and schedules across all systems and business locations.

Early adopter partners who have integrated KineticCloud Backup into their services have already begun to enjoy the advantages of the product. Go Ask Robert, Inc., based in Little Rock, Arkansas, provides IT services to a variety of SMB clientele. Its first client deployment of KineticCloud Backup was on a file server for a local dental practice. Robert Bacon, president of Go Ask Robert, reported that the KineticCloud Backup for Server software was quick and easy to install, providing the dental office with immediate results, protecting data that included patient files, digital X-rays, accounting information and more. Even though the backup was running during business hours, none of the staff noticed any degradation in the server performance.

Shortly after installation, the dental office administrator realized that they had not had a successful tape backup in more than three months. In addition, technicians discovered a failing hard drive in its mirrored RAID array. The office manager was thrilled to learn that she would no longer have to worry about changing out tapes. More importantly, patient data is now protected by 448-bit Blowfish encryption, fully satisfying the requirements of PIPA and HIPAA regulations.

Product Benefits Include:

-- Specialized Backup Software for the Entire SMB Environment - File based continuous backup for PCs, Macs and mobile users on laptops. Schedule based backup for servers supporting any combination of retention policies. Includes native backup of mapped drives, Network Attached Drives, Windows System State, MS Exchange, SQL and Hyper-V.

-- Easy Manageability - Agentless backup of multiple systems from one server. Continuous data protection and granular scheduling capabilities that fully automate tedious manual work. Single pane web portal for all backup activities across the business.

-- Disaster Readiness - Hybrid cloud backup with an unlimited local vault allowing for two backup locations for redundancy and faster recovery times at no extra cost.

-- Optimal Performance - Advanced block-level backups based on KineticD's global de-duplication technology drastically improve initial backup and restoration times. Once the first backup is complete, KineticD's "incremental forever technology" ensures that ongoing backups run in the background while using minimal system resources and bandwidth.


Jamie Brenzel, CEO, KineticD:

"KineticCloud Backup provides broad support to our entire customer base, including SMBs and our channel partners. We are very excited to offer a complete solution that provides seamless Pause/Resume capabilities, the ability to manage, view and control the entire system from a single, Web-based point of administration and much more at an affordable price."

Robert Bacon, President, Go Ask Robert, Inc.:

"Being a small business, it is imperative we provide the best and most cost effective backup and data protection solution. Our reputation depends on it. When it comes to data file backup and protection, and more importantly data file restoration and recovery, our clients rely on us to advise and provide them with a solid, safe and secure solution. We love the new KineticCloud Backup platform and will continue to recommend and install it for our clients with servers and desktops."

About KineticD

Leveraging the power of the cloud, KineticD(TM) has set a new standard by providing small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) with the same level of service and protection for their data that large enterprises rely on. Its patented KineticCloud(TM) technology has accelerated the adoption of Cloud Backup around the globe by SMBs and the providers that service them. It is used daily by over 60,000 customers, 1,000 resellers, 100 MSPs and private label partners for cloud backup and recovery, archiving, disaster readiness, secure sharing of information and remote access. Known for its world-class support and ease-of-use by its customers, the KineticD team drives innovation around data reduction technologies, scalability and reliability reducing the total cost of ownership in cloud backup solutions for its partners. Founded in 2002, KineticD's solutions and technologies have achieved prestigious industry awards and have been featured in key industry publications. For a free trial or to request more information, visit

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