Closure allows controlled access dispensing.

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Suited for vitamins, minerals, and supplements market, NutraGen II(TM) Closure dispenses both large and small pills. Closure features 1-piece design and is available in variety of standard and custom colors. Stable hinge design lets lid stay open and snap shut when closing. Since closure can be opened with thumb, it eliminates need for twisting motion or tight 2-handed grip.

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Weatherchem's New NutraGen II(TM) Closure: Dispensing a Good Dose of Smart Packaging

Cleveland, Ohio-Citing the need for an innovative and more consumer-friendly closure for dispensing vitamins, minerals, and supplements, Weatherchem Corporation has found the cure with its new NutraGen II(TM) Closure. Ideally suited for the Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements market, the NutraGen II is easy to open and close, and dispenses both large and small pills.

The NutraGen II Closure has a contemporary one-piece design and is available in a variety of standard and custom colors to set your brand apart. And, as Weatherchem discovered, gaining consumer loyalty can very well hinge on, well...the hinge. Indeed, NutraGen II is made with a stronger back hinge than competitor brands that lack stability and even break. The hinge design is robust so the lid will stay open and snaps shut when closing.

Identifying a growing and influential market? Let's talk "baby boomers". Generally defined as those born between the years 1946 and 1964, the very first of these baby boomers are in their early 60's this year. Recent estimates have put the size of the "boomer" market at slightly less than 80 million people, representing more
than 27% of the current US population. As the wealthiest generation ever, with a combined estimated spending power of $1 trillion per year, baby boomers represent a market that is well worth pursuing. Their growing demand for vitamins, minerals, and supplements and a variety of over-the-counter (OTC) healthcare products to maintain healthy lifestyles feeds new product development and packaging requirements.

The total packaging appeal of NutraGen II to the needs of an aging population includes convenience, easy to use, easy to open and close, aesthetically pleasing, and the capability to maintain freshness. Furthermore, it's highly visible and easy to read, but not condescending to the user. You can say that the NutraGen II Closure literally
gets a "thumbs up" from baby boomers because it can simply be opened with a thumb. This helps a person who is suffering from arthritis to avoid using a twist motion or a tight two-handed grip needed to open a screwon cap on a vitamin bottle. The NutraGen II closure also allows controlled access dispensing-getting the proper dose of pills out of the bottle the first time, without excess.

Another growing market that "begs" for attention is the pet food and care market. As people look for healthier lifestyles, they seek the same care for their pets. The trend toward eating more natural and organic foods for humans has already been emulated in the pet food market with an increase in pet food organic sales of 46% in
2005, 36% in 2006, and a continued growth of approximately 25% through 2008 (Organic Trade Association).

Weatherchem recognizes that, like the baby boomer market, innovative product and packaging development is the key to taking advantage of the growing pet food and care market. The NutraGen II flip-top closure not only ensures easy access, but product safety as well. NutraGen II's attractive appearance is a huge benefit in this
market. Along with television advertisements, one of the top ways pet owners find new products is by browsing the store shelf (APPMA). Weatherchem's focus group research proves repeatedly that a premium looking package translates into a quality product in the consumer's mind. In the NutraGen II's case, superb quality goes well beyond its pleasant appearance. It is crucial that the consumer have a positive experience
with the package to build brand loyalty and the NutraGen II provides the dispensing convenience that consumers need to motivate repeat purchases.

Weatherchem Corporation is an innovative manufacturer and marketer of convenient plastic dispensing closures and controlled access packaging. As the creators of the original Flapper® dispensing closure, Weatherchem now offers one of the industry's most innovative closure product lines. In addition to NutraGen II(TM), these include: NutraFlapper®, FlapMate(TM), Grinder NR(TM), LiquiFlapper®, and Agricap®.

Whether designing or selecting packaging for a new product, or revamping the design of an existing product, Weatherchem has the closures that consumers love.

For more information about Weatherchem Corporation, please contact the Marketing Department at 800.680.3412 or e-mail Website:

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