Closer to the Shop Floor with IMPAX

New features allow viewing shop floor status more directly

The IMPAX Time Saver System, an efficiency monitoring system by Process Technologies Group, Inc., has been expanded with new technology and new capabilities. The TSS's touch-screen interface has been made available in new sizes (4" and 8"). The new screens allow for better display of shop floor information, as well as the ability to display PDF and document files, and a new remote-control feature.

IMPAX TSS monitoring units are designed to track downtime and production for metal forming, stamping, and cutting applications, as well as all other factory processes. The monitors feature touch-screen interfaces that are now available in 4", 6", and 8" sizes. These screens display real-time production totals, machine efficiency, and accumulated machine uptime and downtime. The new 8" screen provides twice the previous resolution, so more information can be shown on each screen, resulting in a better overview of machine status at a glance. The smaller 4" model results in a more affordable system, while providing the same resolution as the 6" screen. Another option is a TSS without a touch-screen, which provides fully automatic uptime/downtime tracking, and logging to a PC with TSS-NET networking software.

These screens also bring new features to the Time Saver System. A new remote-control ability can be used to connect to a remote touch-screen, to directly view and control it from any networked PC. This can be used to review live machine data, or to save time by troubleshooting a machine issue without leaving the office. Also new is the ability to view PDFs and other documents through the touch-screen. This is useful for publishing schematics or setup instructions for machine operators: embedded documents are easy to open, free to distribute, accessible at any TSS unit, and they cannot be lost or damaged.

Additional information can be found at PTG's Time Saver System website: The recently launched website provides basic information as well as downloads, articles, and application notes on IMPAX TSS monitors and software.

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Process Technologies Group, Inc. designs and manufactures process monitors, efficiency monitors, and data collection software. The IMPAX TimeSaver System is PTG's customizable machine efficiency and downtime tracking system.

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