Clock Technology enables sub-picosecond accurate signals.

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RotaryWave(TM) on-chip clock technology enables semiconductors to achieve optimal performance by delivering high-resolution, low-noise timing signals with minimal power. Without requiring any manufacturing changes for implementation, it works on all existing manufacturing processes and technologies. Clock scales with advanced processes, utilizes Mobius timing generator, and exhibits tolerance to substrate, power supply, and radiated noise.

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Multigig Announces RotaryWave Clock Technology

Revolutionary New Clock Design for High-Performance Silicon; First Major Clock Technology Advance in Decades Allows for up to 87% Measured Clock Power Savings, Plus Performance and Integration Across Diverse Markets; 22 Granted Patents Worldwide and 50 Pending

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif., May 8 /-- Multigig, Inc. -- developers of unique new clock technology for the high-performance silicon market -- today announced the company's revolutionary new RotaryWave(TM) on-chip clock technology, the first major advance in semiconductor clock design in the last several decades. The RotaryWave clock enables semiconductors to achieve their maximum performance by delivering extremely precise, high-resolution, low- noise timing signals with far less power than is associated with standard clock designs (up to 87% clock power savings have been measured over existing solutions).

RotaryWave is a fundamental technology that works on all existing manufacturing processes and technologies. Zero manufacturing changes are required to implement RotaryWave clocks into a design and unlike most analog solutions, RotaryWave clocks scale well with advanced processes. Furthermore, this technology has excellent signal integrity with very robust tolerance to substrate, power supply and radiated noise.

Utilizing a unique "Mobius" timing generator and taking advantage of standard laws of physics previously ignored in clock designs, RotaryWave technology is ideally suited for products such as CPUs, DSPs, VCOs and ADCs. Under development in "stealth mode" since 1999, the RotaryWave clock can be readily incorporated into any semiconductor product using standard design languages and process technologies. While Multigig can license IP (Intellectual Property) for use in select designs, the company's primary business will be selling groundbreaking new ADCs and VCOs that utilize the RotaryWave clock.

The RotaryWave technology is already being designed into or evaluated by Tier-1 manufacturers in products ranging from RF to mixed-signal to digital, for markets such as mobile telecommunications, imaging and military applications where standard clock technology proved inadequate or too power- hungry. RotaryWave is considered to be a fundamental necessity for enabling high-performance silicon with sub-picosecond accurate clock signals -- the patents granted and pending deal with a wide range of fundamental technology advances associated with this breakthrough and will be enforced.

Multigig will be announcing new products and technology specifics in the 2nd quarter of 2006 and invites interested parties to review the RotaryWave products prior to their public launch by emailing

"The development of the RotaryWave clock represents a true rarity in the electronics market -- a fundamentally new design that brings exceptional benefits and yet is easily implemented using today's technology," said Haris Basit, Managing Director of Multigig, Inc. "We are extremely excited to bring this to the market, as there is a compelling need for both power savings and clock accuracy in the current and next-generation products being designed today. We look forward to informing the community of what the RotaryWave clock can offer them and look forward to announcing our signed Tier-1 partners and customers in the near future."

Multigig, Inc. is a startup company based in Scotts Valley, CA, that has developed a fundamental core advance in semiconductor clock technology, the "heartbeat" of high-performance chip designs. Multigig has 22 patents granted worldwide and 50 pending. Further details may be found at

RotaryWave(TM) is a trademark of Multigig, Inc. -- all other trademarks and registered trademarks previously cited are hereby recognized and acknowledged.

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Jonathan Hirshon
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