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Clinicial Software streamlines pediatric reporting workflows.

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Jun 03, 2014 - Cardiovascular Information System (CVIS) Solutions include SMART (Structured Macros And Report Templates) feature, which accelerates creation of entire report template via intuitive, structured workflow. Clinicians can complete reports with few clicks and without requiring multiple forms. Also, database fields can be autopopulated directly into report templates. Feature comes with list of configurable congenital macros/templates while offering configurability and supporting full data mining.

Digisonics, Inc - Houston, TX

Original Press Release

Digisonics Introduces SMART for Streamlined Pediatric Reporting Workflow at PICS-AICS 2014

Press release date: May 27, 2014

HOUSTON – Digisonics (Booth # 208) will showcase a new feature for its Cardiovascular Information System (CVIS) Solutions called SMART, Structured Macros And Report Templates at this year’s PICS-AICS Annual Conference in Chicago, Ill.  Developed for complex pediatric reporting workflows and other intricate clinical specialties, SMART provides users with the convenience of quickly creating an entire report template through an intuitive, structured workflow.

Clinicians can now quickly complete their structured reports with just a few clicks instead of working through multiple forms. In addition, database fields (such as study measurements and patient information) can be autopopulated directly into the report templates, providing intuitive workflow efficiencies. The SMART feature comes loaded with a comprehensive list of highly configurable congenital macros/templates.  SMART provides a high level of user configurability while at the same time, not giving up the benefits of a structured report with full data mining capabilities.

Digisonics will also demonstrate the other features offered in its CVIS for pediatric cardiologists including trend plots with z-scores, configurable pediatric normal range tables, Mullins congenital heart diagrams that can be edited and embedded in the pediatric report and seamless integration with patient registry databases (such as the ACC IMPACT Registry Database) and hemodynamics systems. The Digisonics solution is comprehensive cardiovascular information system creating an efficient and streamlined pediatric reporting workflow.

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Digisonics provides top-rated clinical image management and structured reporting systems for cardiovascular (CVIS), radiology, and obstetrics & gynecology. Digisonics structured reporting solutions combine high performance image review workstations, a powerful PACS image archive, an integrated clinical database, comprehensive analysis capabilities and highly configurable reporting for multiple modalities. Key applications are complemented with interfaces to information systems and 3rd party vendors, providing facilities with a seamless, efficient clinical workflow.

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