ClientCube NET-8 Device is suitable for intelligence agencies.

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ClientCube NET-8 Device is suitable for military command centers, and high security agencies. Unit is used to integrate eight stateless zero client devices with a keyboard/video/mouse switch. Product can be connected to SIPRnet, JWICS and NIPRnet networks and comes with zero client configuration options. ClientCube NET-8’s KVM switch features uni-directional data flow which prevents upstream USB intrusion. Device requires one power outlet.

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ClearCube® Announces ClientCube NET-8

ClearCube Technology announced today ClientCube NET-8, a unique zero client-based device used by intelligence agencies, military command centers, and high security agencies to consolidate access to multiple classified and unclassified networks in one small-footprint desktop appliance.

ClientCube NET-8 is a sleek, all-in-one desktop unit that integrates eight secure, stateless zero client devices with a NIAP-approved KVM (keyboard/video/mouse) switch to enable one user to securely access up to eight different network domains. ClientCube NET-8 can connect to SIPRnet, JWICS, NIPRnet and other networks while securely sharing one mouse, keyboard, smart card reader, and dual displays - with up to eight embedded zero clients - all while maintaining physical network separation to centralized computing resources in the datacenter. Zero client configuration options include fiber network support, copper network support, or a combination of both in the same ClientCube NET-8.

The integrated, Secure KVM features true data path isolation for superior security and data protection for government agencies. One of the most utilized preventive measures for thwarting attacks, KVM switching devices can securely connect peripheral devices (including audio equipment and large high-resolution displays) and quickly switch to different computers and networks while using one keyboard, monitor, mouse, and smart card reader. It is fully compatible with legacy and new government systems and is listed and approved to the latest KVM testing standard (NIAP Protection Profile PSS Ver. 3.0).

“Our line of specialty zero clients with secure switches - including the industry’s first multi-domain ClientCube - has introduced new solutions to unique customer requirements and use cases” said Doug Layne, VP of Global Sales. “Each generation - from ClientCube, to ClientCube NET-4, to ClientCube KM NET-4, and ClientCube NET-2 - has refined the solution and given customers an expanded feature set. The ClientCube NET-8, providing secure access to eight domains, is the newest innovation in this continuum,” said Layne.

The ClientCube NET-8's secure KVM switch features uni-directional data flow that prevents upstream USB intrusion; high-retention force USB connectors to eliminate un-expected cable disconnections; illuminated and color-coded port indicators; and common access card (CAC) port locking that maintains user login to selected host networks.

A small ClientCube NET-8 footprint optimizes desktop space consumption. Up to eight low-profile fiber and copper zero clients are tightly coupled with the Secure KVM switch to eliminate excess cabling in a package that is 17.5 inches wide, 10 inches high, and 10 inches deep. The ClientCube NET-8 requires only one power outlet to power its eight zero clients and Secure KVM switch.

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About ClearCube Technology

ClearCube Technology, an American manufacturer, is a recognized technology leader in centralized computing and desktop virtualization markets. ClearCube develops specialized VDI thin and zero clients that connect to optimized SmartVDI compute/storage host platforms for task/knowledge users and PCoIP Blade PCs for power and highly-specialized users. End points include Raspberry Pi thin clients, x86-based thin clients in a variety of configurations, VMware Blast Extreme ZERO+ clients, TEMPEST zero clients, copper/fiber connected clients, and multi-level security zero clients. ClearCube has developed and deployed thousands of high performance remote workstations that power trading floors, network operations centers, and command and control rooms around the globe. ClearCube’s widespread adoption at thousands of federal and commercial locations is based on our ability to meet cost savings and security requirements for all use cases involving centralization and virtualization initiatives.

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