Clevis-Mounted Actuator offers strokes up to 13 ft.

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SuperCylinder(TM) features aluminum bronze worm gears and ground and chrome plated translating tube that slides inside polymeric bearings. Enclosure of screw by tube system shields it from environmental contaminants and retains lubricants. Offering speeds to 136 ipm and capacities to 25 tons, SuperCylinder is available in right angle configuration using motor straight into C-face adapter, and parallel configuration using motor and gear reducer through flange adapter.

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Introducing the New Duff Norton SuperCylinder(TM)

Charlotte, NC - The Duff-Norton SuperCylinder(TM) adds a precision guided translating tube system to proven Duff-Norton mechanical actuator components to provide a clevis mounted actuator line with broad capabilities. Some of the more important SuperCylinder features are:
o Speeds Up To 136 in/min
o Capacities Up To 25 Tons
o Standard Strokes Up To 13 Feet
o Special Aluminum Bronze Worm Gears
o Ball Screw or Acme Screw
o Clevis Mounting

A ground and chrome plated translating tube sliding in polymeric bearings produces excellent wear resistance. This guided tube assembly lets SuperCylinders achieve much greater stroke lengths in compressive loading than is possible with conventional double clevis mounted mechanical actuators. Enclosure of the screw by the tube system shields it from environmental contaminants and retains lubricants, requiring less maintenance and allowing longer service. SuperCylinders use hydraulic cylinder grade wiper seals to effectively exclude dirt from the screw area.

The Duff Norton SuperCylinder is currently available in two basic configurations: Right Angle (using a motor straight into a C-face adapter) and Parallel (using a motor and gear reducer through a flange adapter). SuperCylinders also come standard with limit switches although other accessories such as digital position indicators and encoders can be specified as well.

The same modular concept employed by Duff-Norton Mechanical Actuators allows an unlimited number of configuration possibilities, to allow tailoring of the SuperCylinder to an application. The models tabulated in the catalog demonstrate the range of speeds and capacities possible. Many additional motor and ratio options are available to meet specific capacity, speed, or life requirements.

SuperCylinders are the perfect fit for critical applications demanding high capacities and high speeds, and are already being used in the Defense, Communications, Food, Steel, and other industries. Should you have any questions regarding how SuperCylinders could be used in your application please call us.

To contact Duff Norton visit our website, email, call 800-477-5002, fax 704-588-1994 or write to Duff-Norton Company, P.O. Box 7010, Charlotte, NC 28241-7010.

Charles Buie
Product Manager - x5660

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