Clear TPE Material bonds to various substrates.

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Versaflex® OM3000 grades exhibit water clarity and overmold bond strength to PC, ABS, PC/PETG, PC/PBT and other substrates for insert or 2-shot injection molded applications. Grades can be customized in regards to hardness, color, and color effects (day-glow, metallic, sparkle, pearlescent). While silky soft to touch, material can be utilized to provide slip resistance, vibration damping, or impact resistance for electronics. Series is available in 45 and 60 Shore A ratings.

Original Press Release:

GLS Corporation to Introduce New Clear Polar Overmold Versaflex Grade at NPE

New Versaflex® OM3000 Series Offers Clarity, Robustness, and Polar Overmolding Capabilities

McHenry, IL (April 18, 2006) -- At NPE 2006 (Booth 1145, South Hall), GLS Corporation will highlight another new TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) breakthrough - their newest VERSAFLEX ® OM 3000 TPE series. The benefit of the new line of TPEs is BOTH water clarity and excellent overmold bond strength to PC, ABS, PC/PETG and PC/PBT, among other substrates, for insert or two shot injection molded applications.

According to GLS officials, it is extremely challenging for TPE producers to offer a material that is both water clear and able to be overmolded onto polar substrates such as ABS and PC. Because of the OM3000 series clarity and adhesion, this product offers designers and manufacturers an exciting new material option to upgrade or otherwise enhance their products.

Trends in many consumer products call for clarity either for the ability to see through the TPE into the substrate below, or the cleanliness that a "clear" product represents. In addition, the new TPE can be colored with extremely vibrant and brilliant colors and color effects (day-glow, metallic, sparkle, pearlescent) while saving the purchaser or processor money since less color concentrate will be needed.

Target applications include, but are not limited to, hand-held electronics, computer accessories, small and large appliances, telecommunications, personal care, and infant care.

With its silky soft touch feel and outstanding clarity, the OM3000 series grades can be used decoratively to enhance the appeal of a product or to provide a comfortable quality feel. In addition, the new TPEs can be utilized to provide slip resistance, vibration damping, or for impact resistance for electronics. This new material also meets UL HB requirements for electrical and electronic applications (Underwriters Laboratories for Horizontal Burn).

The Versaflex OM3000 series will be available in a 45 and 60 Shore A, and come in free-flowing injection moldable pellets. The grades can be customized in hardness or color to achieve specific application requirements.

GLS Corporation specializes in the manufacture of application-specific custom formulated soft and ultra-soft thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) for injection molding and extrusion. GLS has supplied specialty TPEs to the industry since 1979, and is recognized as a global leader in TPE technology solutions. Specific products sold by GLS include proprietary DYNAFLEX® TPE compounds based on KRATON® polymers (available in injection molding and extrusion, as well as medical and FDA grades); VERSAFLEX® TPE specialty alloys (available in soft touch, lightweight, ultra-soft, ultra-clear and overmolding grades); VERSALLOY® TPV alloys; and VERSOLLAN(TM) TPU alloy compounds. GLS is also the exclusive distributor of KRATON® compounds and polymers for the compounding market in the United States, and also distributes KRATON compounds and polymers globally. Applications for these materials are found in consumer, medical, sports and leisure, automotive, lawn and garden, appliance, kitchen tool, power tool, personal care and industrial markets, among others.

For more information on the new very clear/multiple overmold capable VERSAFLEX OM 3000 series thermoplastic elastomer compound, contact: Marketing Department, GLS Corporation, 833 Ridgeview Drive, McHenry, IL 60050-7050. Telephone: (815) 385-8500 or (800) 457-8777. Fax: (815) 385-8533. E-mail: Web:

DYNAFLEX, VERSAFLEX and VERSALLOY are registered trademarks of GLS Corporation.

DYNAFLEX compounds contain KRATON Polymers.

KRATON is a registered trademark of KRATON Polymers U.S. LLC.

VERSALLOY is a DSM - GLS alliance product; the name VERSALLOY is a trademark of GLS Corporation.

VERSOLLAN is a trademark of GLS and contains high performance thermoplastic urethanes.

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