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Clear Syringes ensure volume regulation during fluid delivery.

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Clear Syringes ensure volume regulation during fluid delivery.

Jan 10, 2014 - Used for precise injection or withdrawal, Control Stroke Syringes have clear polypropylene barrel and plunger rod as well as polyisoprene plunger tip. Dimple inside barrel, opposite graduation, acts as plunger stop and controls amount of fluid when dose amount is critical. Construction is free of DEHP, BPA, and natural rubber, and male luer lock accepts any female luer lock. Available sizes include 75 ml (C2125), 1 ml (C2126), 1.25 ml (C2127), 1.5 ml (C2128), and 2 ml (C2129).

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New Control Stroke Syringes

Press release date: Jan 07, 2014

Edgewood, NY-- Qosina is pleased to announce the addition of five new Control Stroke Syringes.  These syringes help ensure volume regulation during fluid delivery, and are used for precise injection or withdrawal.  All syringes are equipped with a dimple inside the barrel opposite the graduation, which acts as a plunger stop. The dimple controls the amount of fluid when the dose amount is critical.  Control Stroke Syringes have a male luer lock that accepts any female luer lock, and are offered in sizes, 75 ml (C2125), 1 ml (C2126), 1.25 ml (C2127), 1.5 ml (C2128), and 2 ml (C2129).  All five feature a clear polypropylene barrel and plunger rod, and a polyisoprene plunger tip.  The syringes do not contain DEHP, BPA, or natural rubber.  In addition, Qosina offers a variety of vented and non-vented caps for you to complete your project.

Qosina is a worldwide supplier of thousands of stock OEM disposable components to the medical and pharmaceutical industries including connectors, luers, clamps, adapters, clips, valves, needle hubs, stopcocks, hemostasis valves, tuohy borst adapters, swabs, and spikes.  Qosina operates an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registered facility.

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