Clear Protective Tarp lets light in and retains heat.

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Capable of performing at subzero temperatures, heavy-duty clear poly tarps feature ¼ x ¼ in. reinforcement grid and are resistant to water, mildew, tearing, and acid. Translucent construction lets light shine through, which can keep gardens protected from frost and warm enough to keep ripening whatever fruit is left. Also suited for storage, construction, and greenhouse needs, tarps measure 14 mil thick and come in 6 x 10 ft to 20 x 40 ft sizes.

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Tarps Plus Introduces a New Tarp to the Industry

The leading U.S. tarp supplier Tarps Plus introduces a new tarp to its product line.

PALMDALE, Calif. -- While the tarp is a common item that most of us probably have somewhere in storage, awaiting a need for its use, this is an item that we rarely give any thought to. However, those who manufacture this product are constantly giving it thought. And this is showing up in the new technologies that they are uncovering and implementing into their products. In fact Tarps Plus, a leading manufacturer of multi-use tarps, recently introduced a new clear tarp that is capable of performing at subzero temperatures.

These poly tarps have already had a number of uses. They are great for storage, and they are also often used for greenhouses and other gardening needs. This certain type of product is useful because of the fact that it is translucent, allowing the light to shine through. They are also very inexpensive, making them affordable for anyone. As the nights are getting cooler, gardeners try to extend the life of their garden by covering it with a clear plastic tarp. This keeps them protected from frost and warm enough to keep ripening whatever fruit is left. It is really amazing how long you can keep a garden going this way.

A spokes person for Tarps Plus stated, "Since we are a leading tarps supplier, we feel it is our duty to offer new types of tarps to the industry." The new products designed by Tarps Plus feature the common heavy-duty clear version; yet take them to an entirely new level. A customer service manager made a statement concerning the introduction of this innovative product, and he promised that they were the perfect solution for those who are planning to winterize an enclosure such as a porch or patio.

In the past, protecting structures, equipment, and other materials has been very difficult in areas that experience frigid temperatures. These new subzero performance tarps can offer an ideal solution to this problem and even insulate buildings to provide a warmer environment and cut energy costs as much as possible.

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