Cleantechnics Announces First Large Sale in Middle East

HIGH POINT, NC - Cleantechnics International, Inc., announced the sale of 150 bypass oil filtration systems in the United Arab Emirates mining industry today. This marks the biggest sale to date for International Electrical Engineering, CTI's sales representative in the Middle East, and a strong entry into the industry in that region. CTI offers the trucking, transit and heavy equipment industries a revolutionary oil filtration system which extends oil and filter change intervals, reducing equipment and driver down-time, maintenance expenditures, and oil and filter waste.

The filters will be installed in heavy equipment for mining in UAE, where extended distances between materials storage areas and mining operations has meant logistical challenges. With the lengthened service intervals provided by the CTI filter, mining operations can increase their profit margin through dramatically reduced equipment downtime and less frequent service and oil expenditures.

"We're excited to have not only closed our biggest sale to date, but also to have done so in an industry and area of the world that can truly benefit from the cost savings offered by our technology," said Horst Meyer, Managing Director of international Operations for Cleantechnics International.

About Cleantechnics International, Inc.

Cleantechnics International is revolutionizing the trucking, transit and heavy equipment industries with its state-of-the-art bypass oil filtration system. Ten years and thousands of in-the-field applications have shown that CTI filtration systems dramatically extend filter change intervals which, in turn, minimizes oil waste and waste filters, reduces operator and equipment down time, extends engine life at least 50 percent, reduces fuel consumption by as much as 5 percent through maintaining optimum fuel efficiency longer, and, ultimately, saves thousands of dollars for its users. For more information, please visit
About International Electrical Engineering

International Electrical Engineering is a global leader in providing knowledge-driven services. With more than $120 million in revenue, their specialists in several countries provide industry-leading solutions to municipalities, government agencies, multinational companies, industrial concerns and military organizations worldwide. From Washington DC to Iraq, clients rely on the IEE group of companies to optimize their operations' overall performances, forecast future needs, address regulatory concerns, satisfy diverse stakeholders, manage complex programs and achieve maximum benefit from capital investments. For more information, please visit

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