Cleanroom Table with Automatic Height Adjustment

Fullerton, CA – Terra Universal's ErgoHeight™ Auto-Adjusting Cleanroom Work Station is designed to easily and quickly adjust to comfortable heights for sitting or standing. Motorized lifters, encased within the table's legs, lift or lower the table surface based on control panel input. Surface height ranges from 28" to 43" to accommodate personnel of different statures, as well as application needs or leveling on uneven floors.

This ergonomic table takes the place of manually-adjustable tables, which may be unwieldy or time-consuming to alter. It meets ISO 5 (Class 100) cleanliness requirements, with the motor sealed and thermally protected within electropolished stainless steel table legs to prevent contamination. A front-mounted control panel can be programmed with four height positions, making it easy to return to a specific height after an adjustment.

Weight supported by each lifter is 440 pounds, making the total maximum load capacity 880 pounds. Lifting speed is 0.5" per second. Work surfaces are available in non-conductive laminate, static-dissipative laminate or electropolished stainless steel. Vibration-free auto-adjustable tables are also available for sensitive equipment or processes.

Terra Universal has 40 years of experience manufacturing modular cleanrooms with compatible equipment. Visit Terra Universal's website for more information about their ErgoHeight Auto-Adjusting Work Station.


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