Cleanroom Conveyor for Pharmaceutical Industry

Derendingen - With the cleanroom and vacuum conveyors, the Swiss specialist Montech delivers specific solutions to the pharmaceutical industry.

The cleanroom conveyor has obtained the ISO 5 certification from the Fraunhofer Institute. Available in widths from 45 to 250 mm, the conveyor chassis is provided with T-slots - for the application of sensors, for instance - which can be covered with a plastic profile. Besides compatibility with cleanroom, the belt is FDA-approved.

Vacuum conveyor for fast transport

The vacuum conveyor carries all kinds of blisters and packages, also overhead, at five meters per second speed. Compared to conventional conveyors, Montech's vacuum conveyor offers a more dynamic acceleration and braking curve, combined with higher transport speed. Gianluca Aloisi, Sales Manager at Montech: "Conventional handling solutions require an unproductive return track. Montech's vacuum conveyor has no return and therefore helps increase productivity in the factory." The conveyor is also more cost effective and, compared to other systems, offers the additional benefit of compact dimensions, according to Aloisi.

Feed/extraction belt, equipment interlinking and buffer conveyors

Montech's conveyors are adopted for production processes in the pharmaceutical industry, as feed/extraction belts, on standalone production plants, in packaging, interlinking and buffer applications. Thanks to their modularity, they can be assembled in variable configurations, extended or shortened with a simple and cost-effective approach.

"The belts are made of valuable materials that meet the industry's requirements in terms of hygiene, easy cleaning, accessibility, absence of friction and reliability," Aloisi says.

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Montech AG

Montech AG markets basic modular components for the automation of demanding transport, assembly and production processes. In addition to conventional conveyor belts, the product range includes automation components and the Quick-Set profile system. A specialist in standard and customized transport and conveyor systems, Montech offers an ideal combination of customer-specific solutions with a high degree of standardization. Founded in 1963, the company is based in Switzerland and stands for innovation in the automation industry.

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