Cleaning Blade optimizes conveyor belt performance.

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Eraser V6 Profile blade features optimized attack angle, allowing for consistent wear over life of blade and eliminating flat spotting. Features include inner ratchet catch manufactured of aluminum, and blade insert that creates stable platform for mounting blade to cleaner system. Perma-Torque tensioner incorporates embedded hex rod with rounded end and radii on all sharp corners. Durable power coat finish provides corrosion resistance in field.

Original Press Release:

New V6 Profile Blade Provides Better Cleaning and Longer Life

Argonics leads industry with engineering innovation on Eraser Belt Cleaning System

Marquette, MI - Argonics Inc. announced today a dramatically enhanced Eraser V6 Profile blade on its popular Eraser System. The company has also made significant improvements in other key components of the system including the blade insert, ratchet system, tensioner, mounting position and a new powder coated finish. All these improvements deliver the flexibility, performance and the longer life customers requested.

More aggressive attack angle. The company unveiled its flagship V6 Profile blade as part of a complete system redesign. The sleeker V6 Profile blade has a more aggressive attack angle and allows for more consistent wear over the life of the blade. This new angle eliminates flat spotting that may have occurred in previous designs.

Safe-Torque system now even more reliable. The inner ratchet catch has been reengineered, replacing the 1/4" steel insert with a full width piece of engineered aluminum. This new inner ratchet catch was tested and proven in the field and has been standard issue on all standard erasers since January, 2009.

New blade insert. Also, the new blade insert provides added strength and creates an incredibly stable platform for mounting the blade to the cleaner system. The company field tested this new design for over six months in a variety of applications all over the country and the feedback was excellent.

Perma-Torque tensioner boasts 2.6 times greater range. A modification of the Perma-Torque tensioner increased the failure point of the tensioner by 2.6 times. Argonics' engineers discovered that by rounding the end of the hex rod embedded in the urethane and by adding a radius to all sharp corners, the effective field life of this critical component is dramatically extended.

Mounting position modified. The Eraser mounting position has been adjusted, allowing the system to be moved closer to the head pulley for better cleaning efficiency and a reduced chance of the system flipping through.

Powder coat finish. With all the improvements in the system the company also increased the durability and overall aesthetics of the system by using a durable power coat finish on the new systems. This new powder coat finish will provide greater corrosion resistance in the field.

Founded in 1994, Argonics Inc. is one of the industry's largest producer of polyurethane products. With state of the art production facilities in Marquette, Mich. and Louisville, Colo., Argonics provides high-performance urethane solutions with its team of qualified personnel. For more information call 906.226.9747 or 800.991.2746 or visit the company's website at

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