Cleaner removes urine stains and odor.

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Urine-Off uses combination of enzymes to remove non-soluble salt crystals contained in uric acid, which produces odor, as well as urea and urochrome which cause stains. Formula leaves citrus fragrance without harming fabric, floor covering, or other surfaces. Urine-Off is non-toxic, non-pathogenic, and biodegradable for safe use in any environment. It works on any type of urine stain, even those that are highly concentrated or very old.

Original Press Release:

Urine-Fighting Breakthrough: 'Urine-Off' Removes Odors and Stains Permanently, Even on Old Deposits

Works on Hard and Soft Surfaces

SARASOTA, FL --- Urine has long been the most stubborn of cleaning challenges, leaving telltale visual and olfactory traces for years even after repeated applications of multiple cleaning products. Now lasting relief is available with Urine-Off, a breakthrough from Bio-Pro Research LLC that permanently purges urine odors and stains from hospitals, convalescent homes, veterinary clinics, bus stations, dormitories, hotels and other settings --- even if the problem is as old as the building.

The secret is in Urine-Off's approach to removing the non-soluble salt crystals contained in the uric acid that produces urine's pungent aroma. Other products typically clean the urea (the sticky substance in urine) and urochrome (which makes urine yellow) with detergents and masking agents, but leave the uric acid crystals firmly bonded to the surface of the stained area. Every time water, humidity or more urine reactivates the remaining crystals, the odor returns.

Urine-Off uses a combination of specially developed enzymes to completely dissolve the acid crystals as well as remove the urea and urochrome. The formula attacks only the offending substances and leaves a pleasant citrus fragrance without harming the fabric, floor covering or other hard or soft surface cleaned. It is non-toxic, non-pathogenic and biodegradable for safe use in any environment.

The product works on any type of urine stain, even those that are highly concentrated or very old. The scent is removed so completely that even dogs and cats with their acute sense of smell can't detect it, preventing the animals from repeatedly "marking" the same territory and thereby aiding house-breaking efforts. Tests with ultraviolet "black" light confirm that no trace of urine crystals remain when Urine-Off is used.

Urine-Off is available in a 500 ml spray bottle for $19.95 at, or in the spray bottle or a one-gallon jug through Bio-Pro Research dealers. Institutional pricing is available on request for commercial users. For more information or a list of dealers, call 941-358-9609 or visit

About Bio-Pro Research LLC
Bio-Pro Research LLC is a spinoff of Environmental Biotech, Inc. (EBI), a world leader in environmentally sound wastewater, drain, and odor management solutions for food service and industry. Urine-Off was developed by EBI and is available as a service to EBI customers as well as on a retail level through Bio-Pro Research.

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