Clean Water Technology's GEM System a Cost Effective Solution

Los Angeles, CA, United States of America – Clean Water Technology Inc., the creators of GEM system, has announced that their Gem or Gas Energy Mixing System is quite innovative and better than the regular DAF treatment systems that are already available. GEM system has been proving to be much better than DAF treatment systems, both in terms of operation and floatation technology. The company has also been undertaking retrofitting work for presently installed bio degradation and DAF treatment units, apart from fresh installations that are offered at cost effective rates.

Telling more about the benefits of Gas Energy Mixing System over DAF treatment systems, the official spokesperson of Clean Water Technology said, "DAF units are going to become a thing of the past because of the introduction of GEM system. The most attractive feature is that Gas Energy Mixing System exceeds the containment loading of DAF, and hence will give better results. You will see that GEM systems will adapt better to various kinds of flow changes, which in turn will result in much drier soils than DAF units."

Gas Energy Mixing System has been designed in a way to bring in air into the floc and sludge structure. Being a unique floatation process, GAS system is ready to make all other traditional process being used, obsolete. The GEM System has been created to deliver benefits like superior aeration, drier sludge, flow & containment loading freedom, elimination of plugging issues, lamella plate packs elimination, re-circulation loops & air grids elimination and easier operation, to name a few. The company further specializes various other solutions, which includes primary treatments, membrane systems, screens and biodegradation treatments.

The official spokesperson of Clean Water Technology further added, "CWT has been researching and developing the GAS system from the past many years. The system has a one-of-a-kind approach and will prove to be cost effective, at the same time. Being versatile, it can further be used for various types of application without the fear of polluting the atmosphere, as it has a very low carbon footprint."

Clean Water Technology has become a leading name in terms of coming up systems that have improved the technologies used in the waste water industry. To know more, log on to

About the company:

Clean Water Technology (CWT), which was funded in the year 1996, has over 20 patents in the floatation and flocculation field.  Being a leader in this field, the company has offices in Mexico, South America and Los Angeles. It has been providing waste water solutions and has further improved on all the competition when one talks about footprint requirements, ease of use, equipment efficiency, price and containment removal rates.

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