Clean Firearms and Equipment Safely and Effectively with Micro-90® - An Excellent Alternative to Hazardous Solvents

Burlington, New Jersey, USA –  International Products Corporation's (IPC) Micro-90® concentrated cleaner is proven to be a safe and effective cleaner for all firearms including black powder and muzzle loaders. Micro-90 quickly and easily removes carbon deposits, powder residue, bore foulants, oxidation stains, and old oil and grease deposits.  Micro-90's detergency is unsurpassed on carbon, blued, and stainless steels.

Micro-90 is a water-based cleaner. Gun specialists appreciate the water-based chemistry for several reasons. Traditional solvent cleaners are hazardous, flammable, and can't be disposed down the drain. In fact, some of the older solvent cleaners are carcinogens. In addition to these health concerns, solvent cleaners are expensive – both to purchase and to dispose of responsibly.

Brush-free cleaning is possible with Micro-90. Excessive brushing can damage rifling and other delicate parts. After soaking in a 2% Micro-90 solution, the dirt dissolves or softens for easy removal with a cloth or water rinse. Reloaders have discovered the powerful detergency of Micro-90 too.  After soaking brass cartridges in a 2% solution, the original luster returns – both inside and out – quickly, effectively and without damage.

For the professional gunsmith, the ideal cleaning scenario is a 2% Micro-90 solution in warm water with ultrasonics. This is a technologically superior cleaning process to the patch and brush method. The ultrasonic tank creates a continuous supply of high energy microscopic air bubbles. The Micro-90 cleaning solution enters the smallest openings, even those too small for brush bristles, and performs a powerful yet safe brushless scrubbing operation as the bubbles implode. This cavitation technology allows areas of the gun not otherwise accessible to brushes or patches to be cleaned with Micro-90, restoring them to original conditions. The gunsmith simply fills the ultrasonic tank with a 2% Micro-90 solution, places the components in the bottom of the tank, turns it on, and after a few minutes everything is thoroughly cleaned – inside and out.  Unlike tumbling, the cavitation process thoroughly cleans and restores the cartridges – even the heavy deposits inside are removed.

After cleaning, the components or cartridges are rinsed with water and dried completely. Gun oil, grease, or any other rust inhibitor can be applied to prevent rust formation.

Micro-90 is a safe, economical and effective alternative to solvents and other hazardous products for cleaning firearms and equipment. For product information or to obtain a sample to test in your cleaning application, email

About International Products Corporation:  International Products Corporation (IPC), founded in 1923, manufactures specialty cleaners and temporary assembly lubricants at their ISO 9001-Certified facility in Burlington, NJ.  They are equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing, packaging, and warehousing equipment, and an on-site laboratory for quality, analytical work, and research and development. IPC is dedicated to providing safe, high-quality cleaners and lubricants. All of IPC's products are Made in the USA and are readily available worldwide through a network of global distributors.

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