Clamshell Packaging Line Expands - More Sizes in Stock

Buyers have nearly twice the options

Arnold, MO - In a short period of time, the line of clear plastic packaging from VisiPak has been expanded to include more than 20 stock clamshells sizes. Buyers were originally presented with 11 sizes in a line of clamshells stocked for immediate shipment and now 10 additional stock sizes are available. Sizes range between 2.750 inches in length to 11 inches with cavity lengths ranging from just over one inch up to 7.750 inches.

VisiPak has been thermoforming for several years and began stocking a small line of different size clamshells in the summer of 2009. In an effort to grow business, 10 new sizes have been added. By increasing stock items in phases VisiPak is able to keep costs down for buyers, while allowing for the graduated investment to replenish itself from sales revenue.

Building a stock inventory requires learning which inventory will turn so that the cost associated with building a stock supply does not overrun the profits. Likewise, stock supplies offer the greatest value to customers giving them the convenience of quick shipping. Another benefit for customers is the availability of low-cost popular size clamshells.

"Our approach to our thermoforming business is to grow with it," said Jeff Barket, Director of Sales and Marketing for Sinclair and Rush. He continued saying, "While we can currently meet the needs of all prospects, custom included, we listened to our customers who needed immediate packaging and added a stock line. We are building our business to be positioned to fulfill all opportunities in the future."

The VisiPak line of stock clamshells are made from PVC and PET with portions of some clamshells produced from recyclable materials, another factor which helps keep costs low. Once the clamshell has served its purpose, promoting its contents on the retail shelves, it can be recycled. In some cases clamshells are saved and reused as storage containers for small items.

While the thermoforming process does not allow for printing directly onto a clamshell, the clear package is perfectly suited for insert cards or wrap around labels, which provide tamper evidence. When you need space for graphics and copy content, the larger clamshell with smaller cavity allows for full exposure of product and your message. Another option is to select a smaller clamshell to fit the product and place the insert card graphic in the back (or partially in front as shown here). The clear plastic packaging allows this style to show off the product while still presenting the features within a condensed sized package, saving money and shelf space.

With this strategy put in place by VisiPak to grow their thermoforming line they can build steadily to meet all packaging needs. Until then, VisiPak will happily stock their shelves with common sized clamshells so clients can find what they need, when they need it. Visit the VisiPak store today.

About VisiPak:

Clear plastic packaging is the VisiPak specialty and this includes extruded and thermoformed packaging options. With the addition of clamshell packages and transparent boxes to the original line of clear plastic tubes, VisiPak is the clear choice for all your transparent packaging needs.

Leveraging its position as the largest extruder of clear PETG plastic tubing in the U.S., the VisiPak division of Sinclair & Rush is proud to be a leader in the field of designing and manufacturing clear plastic packaging. VisiPak was the first packaging manufacturer to bring clear plastic mailing tubes to the direct mail industry and has introduced other innovative packaging solutions like PermaSeals, Hang Tubes, and Donation Containers. Expanding into thermoformed packaging, VisiPak now offers Clamshells, Blisters and Trays, with many stock clamshells ready to ship. If a custom package is required, the VisiPak design team can offer great design flexibility in full custom creations or, at reduced tooling costs, can modify a mold to fit the requirements. Clear plastic boxes are yet another VisiPak clear packaging option and involve no tooling costs.

There are two primary manufacturing plants located in the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri. The Kirkwood plant operates 10 state-of-the-art extruders while the plastics molding facility in Arnold manufactures caps and plugs as well as producing the thermoformed product lines. Arnold is also the home of the sales and design teams. VisiPak can serve your global needs through manufacturing and distribution facilities in the U.S., Mexico, United Kingdom, China, and Australia. Visit us on the web at

About Sinclair & Rush, Inc:
Sinclair & Rush, Inc., founded in 1950, is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of innovative clear packaging and product protection solutions to the world's leading manufacturing companies. The company has distribution and manufacturing capabilities on a global scale with operations on four continents. Sinclair & Rush operates under the trade names of StockCap(TM), VisiPak(TM) and GripWorks(TM) with corporate offices located in St. Louis, Missouri.

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