Clamp Cylinder has flexible porting and long rod bearing.

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Featuring stressproof steel bearing, Model P1M Swing Clamp Cylinder comes in 32/40/50 mm bore sizes in single-rod configurations with tailored set stroke lengths of 10/20/50 mm depending on bore size. Clamp forces depend on operating air pressure and range from 27 lb for 32 mm bore units at 29 psi (2 bar) to 371 lb for 50 mm bore units at 145 psi. Unit offers various swing-arm options including adjustable arm configuration, and maximum operating pressure of 10 bar for every bore size.

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Compact, Versatile Swing Clamp Cylinder Takes Maximum Torque in Low-Profile Package

WADSWORTH, OHIO, JUNE 7, 2007 - The Actuator Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation (NYSE:PH) introduces the redesigned P1M Swing Clamp Cylinder featuring a robust, stress-proof steel bearing designed to tolerate the most demanding torques while providing a rivet-tough rotating clamp for added versatility. Incorporating proven features of the standard P1M Series Cylinder, the new low-profile pneumatic model features the smallest dimensional envelope possible for workholding applications that require compact design and superior clamping capacity.

Standard design characteristics include flexible porting, long rod bearing and a three-piece bolted construction. To boost durability and corrosion resistance the P1M Swing Clamp uses anodized aluminum, a rod scraper and polyurethane bumpers. The P1M Swing Clamp Cylinder is available in 32/40/50 mm bore sizes in single-rod configurations with tailored set stroke lengths of 10/20/50 mm depending on bore size.

Choice of clamping direction can be specified as right-hand clockwise or left-hand counterclockwise rotation. The P1M Swing Clamp Series offers a variety of swing-arm options including an adjustable arm configuration. Flexible design allows users to reverse arm rotation in the field as requirements vary. Internal transfer tubes facilitate variable porting. "Both Ports Head" configuration is standard and radially located in unit's head or rod end where one port extends piston rod for unclamp function while the other retracts for clamping.

Clamp forces depend on operating air pressure and range from 27 lb. (121N) for the 32mm bore units at 29 psi (2Bar) to 371 lb. (1,649N) for the 50mm bore units at 145 psi (10 Bar). Maximum operating pressure for every bore size is 10 Bar. Higher-grade steel alloy gear sleeve component helps morph the P1M Swing Clamp Cylinder into a powerhouse of high-strength performance in a low-profile package for the ultimate in functional flexibility.

Anodized aluminum rod cover houses internal rotating components and provides a magnetic piston. Buna nitrile rubber piston/rod/cylinder body seals are standard while fluorocarbon seals are available for high-temp applications to 121˚C (250˚F) and chemical compatibility.

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