Circulator-Flange Ball Valve suits hydronic heating systems.

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Models 8100 and 8111 feature 2-piece, brass-body, full-port design with free-floating flanges that facilitate alignment with circulator pump flanges. While 8100 has threaded-end and 8111 has soldered ends, both are designed to simplify isolation of circulator pumps for quick testing, repairs, or replacement without need to drain entire system. Sizes of ¾, 1, and 1¼ in. are rated at 600 WOG/150 SWP and 350°F max temperature.

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Hammond Valve Introduces Circulator-Flange Ball Valve

MILWAUKEE, Wis. - Hammond Valve has introduced a circulator-flange ball valve for hydronic heating systems. The 8100/8111 is a two-piece, brass-body, full-port ball valve, designed with free-floating flanges for easy alignment with circulator pump flanges to simplify installation. The 8100 is the designation for the threaded-end valve, and the 8111 is for soldered ends.

The 8100/8111 series combines a flange with a ball valve to simplify isolation of circulator pumps for quick testing, repairs or replacement, without the need to drain the entire system. The mating flange allows the valve to be located in the most convenient position available. This free-floating feature eliminates the need to align the flange bolt-holes when installing into hydronic systems.

The 8100/8111 is available in sizes of 3/4-inch, 1-inch and 1-1/4-inch. Rated at 600 WOG/150 SWP and 350° F maximum temperature, these valves are dependable for a wide variety of circulator-pump applications and are designed to fit standard and high velocity pumps.

Standard product features include heavy brass patterns for the body and tailpiece, chrome-plated ball and PTFE packing and seats for high-temperature applications and no-leak reliability. And the 8100/8111 comes complete with a blow-out proof stem and adjustable stem gland.

These circulator-flange ball valves are sold in packages of two, and include cap screws and nuts for assembly to pumps. An extra "tee" handle is provided for applications where a regular handle is too large. The valves also conform to the standards of WW-V-35B, MSS SP-110 and are built with superior ASTM-grade materials of construction.

For a free copy of the new 8100/8111 technical bulletin, visit Hammond Valve's website at, or call 800-348-6544. For more information on the firm's light commercial and plumbing valve lines, visit the website for complete contact information of the firm's regional managers and sales representatives.

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