Circulation Heaters handle ultra pure materials.

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CAST-X SERIES 2000 consists of helical coiled tube cast into aluminum body with tubular elements which serves as heat transfer media between tubular element and coiled tube through which fluid passes through. Fluid path is independent of heater sheath, allowing sensitive and/or ultra pure materials to be heated safely. Standard 316 SS fluid path assures compatibility with various materials, and non-welded construction minimizes potential leakage.

Original Press Release:

Watlow's New CAST-X 2000 Circulation Heaters Are Ideal For Demanding Applications

St. Louis - Watlow announces the introduction of the CAST-X SERIES 2000 circulation heater, which provides fluid heating in a compact package where cleanliness, temperature accuracy and high pressure are needed. Ideal applications include solvent heating, heat transfer systems, ultra pure gas heating, food and beverage heating, paint heating, two part foam and urethane heating and DI water heating.

CAST-X SERIES 2000 heaters consist of a helical coiled tube that is cast into an aluminum body with tubular elements. The aluminum body serves as the heat transfer media between the tubular element and the coiled tube through which the fluid being heated passes through.

"The unique construction of the heater allows it to be used where viscous and/or thermally sensitive materials are being heated such as paints, resins and flammable materials such as fuels, solvents and coatings," explains Watlow Product Manager Chris Baichoo. "The aluminum mass acts as a 'thermal flywheel' and ensures accurate temperature control of the fluid to prevent degradation."

CAST-X SERIES 2000 heaters have many other benefits, including:
o A fluid path independent of the heater sheath, which allows sensitive and/or ultra pure materials to be heated safely and prevents fluid contamination in the event of heater failure;
o Robust cast-in aluminum construction, which assures longer heater life and accurate temperature control;
o An integrated thermostat and housing, assuring easy installation and use as well as protection in explosive environments;
o A standard 316 stainless steel fluid path, which assures material compatibility with many different materials;
o Non-welded construction, which minimizes potential leakage, self-drains when mounted vertically, and offers high-pressure operation in an economical package price.

CAST-X SERIES 2000 heaters, which are available with optional explosion proof enclosures for use in flammable environments, are well suited to applications where fluid cleanliness is critical because the material being heated never comes in contact with the heating elements. The CAST-X SERIES 2000 heaters come with a heavy wall seamless stainless steel passageway that assures performance in high-pressure applications where viscous or mildly corrosive materials need to be heated.

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