Circuit Breakers feature miniature B frames.

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Unaffected by ambient temperature and sympathetic heating, Hydraulic/Magnetic Circuit Breakers can be reset immediately. Offered in 1 and 2 pole configurations with snap-in, clip-in, and threaded-neck mountings, units have current ratings from 0.02-25 A. Miniature B frames carry 100% of rated current from -40 to +203°F. Breakers have UL 1077, CSA, VDE, and TUV approvals, and are offered with various trip time characteristics, circuit configurations, and switching methods.

Original Press Release:

Big Circuit Breaker in a Little Body

CBI "B" frame Hydraulic Magnetic Miniature Circuit Breakers have the performance characteristics of larger "B" frame breakers packaged in the industries smallest body.

Like all Hydraulic/Magnetic breakers they do not rely on a change in temperature caused by increased current flow to activate the trip mechanism. As a result, ambient temperature and sympathetic heating have virtually no effect on them and they can be reset immediately. In addition, unlike fuses they do not derate or deteriorate over time.

Available in both one and two pole configurations, with Snap-in, Clip-in and Threaded-Neck mountings, these breakers have UL 1077, CSA, VDE & TUV approvals. With current ratings from 0.02A to 25A, CBI miniature "B" frames carry 100% of rated current between -40 F to +203 F (-40C to +85C). A wide range of trip time characteristics, circuit configurations and switching methods are available.

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