Circuit Breaker has across the line motor start approval.

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Series 1658 thermal circuit breaker, with current ratings from 5 to 35A, is suitable for wiring systems up to 250 Vac or 28 Vdc. It features tease-free, trip-free, snap-action mechanism with push-to-reset or auto-reset actuation, thread-neck panel mounting, and optional water splash cover. Circuit breaker meets UL 1077 standard for supplementary protectors and UL 1363 standard for relocatable power taps.

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E-T-As 1658 Approved For Across The Line Motor Start Applications

E-T-A Circuit Breakers announces their compact 1658 thermal circuit breaker for equipment (CBE) is approved for across the line motor start applications.

E-T-A series 1658 was tested to UL 1077, the standard for supplementary protectors. It met the overload test for motor starting applications. Series 1658 can be used for across the line motor start applications and will meet the requirements outlined in UL 1363, the standard covering relocatable power taps.

Most low cost thermal circuit breakers are rated for general-use (tested at 1.5 times the rated current) applications and not for across the line motor starting applications. E-T-A series 1658 is the lowest cost, highest quality protection, horsepower approved circuit breaker of its kind. Available in current ratings from 5 to 35A, this compact, cost-effective CBE is ideally suited for wiring systems up to 250Vac or 28Vdc.

The single pole 1658 features a tease free, trip free, snap action mechanism with push to reset or auto-reset actuation, thread neck panel mounting, and is available with optional water splash cover.

E-T-A is the world leader for circuit breakers for equipment and is the only resource for all disciplines of circuit protection technologies: thermal, thermal-magnetic, magnetic and high-performance. Available in more than 150 versions and 350,000 different configurations. With this complete range of product, E-T-A delivers a world of solutions.

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