Circuit Breaker exceeds mil spec life-cycle requirements.

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Suited for military and aerospace applications, single-pole, remote-controlled Model RCCB 4930 is temperature-compensated and available in various current ratings from 5-100 A, AC 115 V/400 Hz and 28 Vdc. Unit exceeds MIL-PRF-83383 life-cycle specification of 50,000 actuations for inductive and resistive loads. Signal and control circuit is actuated by bi-stable liner motor, controlled through electronic circuitry incorporated within device.

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E-T-A Introduces First Remote Control Circuit Breaker To Exceed MIL-PRF-83383

New Circuit Breaker Offers Superior Source for Mil Spec Applications

Chicago,June 8, 2005 - E-T-A Circuit Breakers announced the RCCB 4930, the only remote control, high performance circuit breaker that exceeds mil spec life-cycle requirements. With this announcement, design engineers and purchasing agents now have a superior source for remote control circuit breakers meeting MIL-PRF-83383, one that even goes beyond mil spec performance capabilities.

E-T-A's RCCB 4930 is a single-pole, remote controlled circuit breaker with exceptional tolerance to mechanical shock and vibration. It is temperature-compensated and available in various current ratings ranging from 5 to 100A, AC 115V/400 Hz and 28 V DC.

Primarily used in aerospace applications, remote controlled circuit breakers provide control via a lightweight signal wire that runs to the aircraft cockpit. This approach provides significant weight savings over regular circuit breakers, which require long runs of heavier load wire. In addition to aircraft, the RCCB 4930 circuit breaker is suitable for ground vehicles where high performance and rugged mechanical specifications are required.

Revolutionary Design Extends Life
The RCCB 4930 is the only remote control circuit breaker that exceeds the MIL-PRF-83383 life-cycle specification of 50,000 actuations for both inductive and resistive loads. Instead of passing current through a metal spring, the RCCB 4930 signal and control circuit is actuated by a bi-stable liner motor controlled through electronic circuitry incorporated within the device. This innovative, switch design reduces mechanical wear and avoids the aging of metal components that may result from thermal cycling.

Life-cycle is especially important in aerospace and military vehicle applications where component failure may place lives and missions at risk. No other circuit breaker of any type is designed using this electronic approach to extend the life-cycle.

Star Supplier
Lockheed Martin recently honored E-T-A Circuit Breakers with its "Star Supplier" award for outstanding customer service; including 100% quality testing, zero rejections, and on-time delivery on 100% of shipments.

Until now, there was only one supplier of MIL-PRF-83383 circuit breakers. Now design engineers have a choice of suppliers who must compete on service, quality, and delivery.

E-T-A's new RCCB 4930 circuit breaker is temperature-compensated, providing consistent trip curve characteristics from -54 to +71ºC (-65 to 160ºF). Maximum altitude is 15,000 m (49,212 ft). It withstands up to 25 g mechanical shock and 10 g vibration.

The RCCB 4930 offers auxiliary contacts where signaling is required (such as indicating to a pilot light or electronic controller that a circuit breaker has tripped). The auxiliary contacts are rated for 3A at 28 VDC / AC 115V / 400 Hz.

Price and Availability
E-T-A's RCCB 4930 Series circuit breaker is available 10 weeks ARO, competitively priced at $600.00 in volume. For more information on the RCCB 4930 or any one of E-T-A's broad selection of high-performance circuit breakers, call E-T-A at 800-462-9979, or visit

About E-T-A
E-T-A Circuit Breakers is a world leading manufacturer of circuit breakers for equipment and is the only resource for all circuit protection technologies: thermal, thermal-magnetic, magnetic and high performance. E-T-A circuit breakers are available in more than 150 models and 350,000 different configurations. E-T-A is also a leading manufacturer of control and monitoring products, and solid state remote power controllers (SSRPCs). With the North American headquarters in Chicago, the company serves industrial OEMs and end-users.

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