Circuit Board Supports hold wires and bundles.

Press Release Summary:

EZ Twist lock circuit board supports feature locking base that snaps into chassis by hand to enable loading and unloading of cables and wires with twist of fingers. Additional arm inside twist lock holds smaller wires or bundles. Molded in natural nylon 6/6, parts fit 4.75 mm dia hole and panel thickness of .76-1.98 mm.

Original Press Release:

EZ Twist-Lock Support with Arm

Micro Plastics' new EZ twist lock circuit board supports feature a unique locking base that easily snaps into the chassis by hand. Cables and wires can be loaded and unloaded with a twist of the fingers. The additional arm inside the twist lock can be used for holding smaller wires or bundles. Each part fits a .187" (4.75mm) diameter hole and a panel thickness of .030" (.76mm) to .078" (1.98mm). Parts are molded in natural nylon 6/6.

See our full line catalog #37 for a complete line of nylon fasteners that are available.

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