Cincinnati Company Offers Solution for Preventing Major Product Recalls

June 15, 2010, Cincinnati, OH - Major parts recalls cost a company more than just money. A damaged reputation can be a large, long-term loss, negatively affecting sales for years or even decades to come-especially if the recalled parts are safety-critical.

Avoiding major recalls can be done simply, quickly and inexpensively with Nondestructive Testing Resonant Acoustic Method (NDT-RAMTM) by Cincinnati's THE MODAL SHOP, INC.

This type of testing is ideal for metal parts which require inspection, such as safety-critical parts for the automotive, aerospace and medical industries. With no part preparation required, this technique can successfully identify internal and external flaws due to cracks, voids, heat treating, dimensions, porosity and nodularity as well as missed manufacturing processes. Testing rates are as fast as one part per second, making it an ideal automated test system for high volume applications.

The system uses vibration to detect flaws, much like striking a bell will detect the smallest cracks and imperfections. The system uses NDT-RAM(TM) technology based on LanSharc(TM) hardware, known to fully automate a fast, 100% inspection of powder metal parts, castings, or forgings.

THE MODAL SHOP, INC. offers free parts tests for feasibility testing. System rentals are available allowing for an in-factory test before buying. Significant trade-in credit is available for customers with competitive systems. For free parts testing, specification sheets, application data, competitive product upgrades, pricing or to schedule a rental or demonstration, please contact THE MODAL SHOP, INC., 3149 E. Kemper Road Cincinnati, OH 45241-1516, Internet:, (800) 860-4867, Fax (513) 458-2172 or e-mail:

LanSharcTM and NDT-RAMTM are trademarks of The Modal Shop, Inc.

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