CIMTECH® 46C Metalworking Fluid Is Approved by Boeing for Aerospace Manufacturing

Cincinnati, Ohio - CIMTECH® 46C Metalworking Fluid, one of CIMCOOL Fluid Technology's extensive line of metalworking fluids, has BOEING approval under BAC 5008REVr - Areas 5 and 6, including titanium alloys. The approval number is BOEING PSD 6-124. CIMTECH 46C is recommended for moderate duty grinding of hard metals such as cobalt, stellite and titanium alloys, including chrome plated and HVOF Thermal Spray Coating components. While meeting the strict performance and chemical requirements of aerospace manufacturing, CIMTECH 46C is very clean with exceptional foam control. It is easily maintained and provides exceptional odor control and long sump life. Depletion resistant, it reduces costs by minimizing the amount of concentrate required for makeup. Most importantly, CIMTECH 46C contains a proprietary blend of inhibitors that protect ferrous machine tool components while minimizing dissolved cobalt in solution.

In addition, CIMTECH 46C has attributes appreciated by experienced machine operators everywhere. It is low misting and does not smoke or leave a slippery, oily film on parts, machines or surrounding areas. It is a clear mix and rejects tramp oils, which allows for easy removal by oil-skimmers.

Other CIMCOOL METALWORKING FLUIDS approved by BOEING Commercial Aircraft Group (BAC 5008 REVr, Area's 5 and 6) include CIMTECH® 310 Metalworking Fluid (PSD 6-103); CIMTECH 320Z Metalworking Fluid (PSD 6-122); and CIMSTAR® QUALSTAR® LF Metalworking Fluid (PSD 6-119).

All CIMCOOL products are backed by the company's "no-hassle" performance guarantee and free trial assurance. For additional information on this and other CIMCOOL products, please visit our website at, and click on the MSDS and Product Information menu. CIMCOOL Fluid Technology is a global manufacturer of metalworking fluids. The company is certified ISO 14001, ISO 9001.

CIMCOOL, headquartered in Cincinnati Ohio, is a world supplier in metalworking fluid technology.

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