Chrome Oxide Green Dispersion has heat-stable formula.

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Featuring pigment percentage of 64.00%, G17N1025 (CI Pigment Green 17) finely ground, non-resinated dispersion has green hue and exhibits chemical, light, weather, and heat stability. Inorganic solution, with nonionic/polymeric dispersing agent, has total solids content of 72.24% ± 2%, VOC of 0.00% typ, and specific gravity of 2.13. With 8.8–9.5 pH, dispersion can be used for industrial coatings, artists' paints, tennis court coatings, and water-based applications requiring heat resistance.

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Reitech Corp Now Offers G17N1025 Chrome Oxide Green Dispersion

G17N1025 is a highly pigmented, finely ground, non-resinated dispersion with a green hue. This pigment exhibits outstanding chemical, light, weather and heat stability. Its major uses are high performance industrial coatings, artists’ paints, tennis court coatings, and water-based applications where high heat resistance is needed.

Generic Name: CI Pigment Green 17

Constitution Number: CI 77288

CAS#: 1308-38-9

Pigment Type: Inorganic

Resin Type: None

Dispersing Agent: Nonionic / Polymeric

Percent Pigment: 64.00%

pH: 8.8 - 9.5

Total Solids: 72.24% ± 2%

VOC: 0.00% typical

Specific Gravity: 2.13

Weight per gallon: 17.71#/Gallon ± 5%

About Reitech

Reitech Corporation, located near Reading, Pennsylvania, has built a reputation for formulating and producing the highest quality water based pigment dispersions under the brand name Reisperse since 1972.

Our employees know their business inside and out - and we pass that experience on to you in our products. In fact, a majority of Reitech’s employees have been with the company for over twenty years. At Reitech you’ll get one-on-one contact with a representative you can trust to deliver advice, reliable product information, and promptness.

Over the years our product line has been expanded to include dispersions that were developed to meet customer’s requirements. Our quality products are used for a wide range of applications and we’re able to customize products for special jobs. The bottom line is if you need it, Reitech can provide it.

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