Chromatography System comes in single/multi-user versions.

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Chrom Perfect v5.5.2 is available in two versions: Chrom Perfect LSi provides single instrument system, while Chrom Perfect Spirit delivers multi-instrument system that can run on one PC or in networked client server environment. Latter acquires data from up to 16 instruments connected to same PC or with direct interface between instrument and Network via Tigre E+ interface. All data is created in common file format, and system offers custom reporting options.

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New Chromatography Software Released

AVAILABLE NOW! Chrom Perfect 5.5.2 - More Features - More Hardware support - Easier To Use

The latest chromatography data system from Justice Laboratory Software is a ground breaking revision of the Chrom Perfect chromatography suite of software. Available now, version 5.5.2 is the companys' main product for use in any chromatography application. The product is available in two versions:-

1) Chrom Perfect LSi - is a low cost single instrument system ideal for small laboratories and mobile applications. It will run on a desktop or laptop computer and can be installed in minutes.

2) Chrom Perfect Spirit - is a multi user, multi instrument system which can run on a single PC, or in a networked client server environment. Chrom Perfect Spirit can acquire data from up to 16 instruments all connected to the same PC or with a direct interface between the instrument and the Network via the new Tigre E+ interface.

The software is built on a solid foundation, thirteen years of software development has transformed the original World class Chrom Perfect® chromatography data system into the most feature rich solution available today. Data acquisition/instrument control options are available to meet the needs of current and legacy laboratory instrumentation. Chemists experience a single user-friendly interface and all data is created in a common file format. This makes training and data transfer to the rest of the enterprise surprisingly simple.

Some of the key enhancements in the version of Chrom Perfect include:-

o Easier to use - Key areas of the software and many data processing procedures are now easier to use, faster and more intuitive.

o Instrumentation interface improvement for Agilent 6890 and 6890N gas chromatographs.

o This version of Chrom Perfect officially supports the Agilent 6850 Gas Chromatographs, with full instrument and autosampler control.

o New data acquisition hardware support to allow Chrom Perfect to acquire data from any point of the network via new Tigre E+.

o Customization of the user interface - Now users can see just the information that they want in certain areas of Chrom Perfect.

o More powerful custom reporting options, including the enhancement of data summation features.

o Improved programmers package for Chrom Perfect. To allow advanced users even more power to customize their Chromatography data acquisition and processing

About Justice Laboratory Software

The purchase of a Chromatography Data System, no matter how large or small, is considered an investment in the productivity of the laboratory. We recognize that this investment requires confidence in a company, it's products, strategy, support, and management. Justice Laboratory Software offers the most comprehensive line of high technology software products for your Laboratory. Whether you require an XP/2000 based client/server chromatography system or a single user basic system, Justice Laboratory Software meets the demanding needs of chromatography applications. Our products offer multi-vendor instrument interfacing and distributed data processing for complete data integration of your lab. Chrom Perfect® Spirit® data systems do not require proprietary hardware data acquisition servers and are compliant with all Microsoft 32 bit ActiveX, COM/ DCOM, and COM+ standards.

Justice Laboratory Software invites you to compare Chrom Perfect® Spirit® to any data system at any cost and find out about our dedication to customer service and support. Review our consistent record providing our customers with a significant revision every year since 1989.

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