Chromatography-Ion Mobility Spectrometer offers 2D separations.

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Combined with or used in place of chromatography and mass spectrometry, IA3100 High Performance Ion Mobility Spectrometer provides advanced 2D separations, with optimized detection for complex matrices and challenging isomers. Resolving power of 70+ makes instrument suitable for high throughput analysis and screening. Applications in pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing processes include reaction monitoring, cleaning verification, and content uniformity.

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Excellims Advances Chromatography with New HPIMS - LC System at Pittcon 2013

Bolt-On technology complements HPLC providing advanced two dimensional (2D) separations, with unparalleled detection for complex matrices and challenging isomers

PHILADELPHIA, -- Excellims, world innovator in Ion Mobility solutions for chemical detection in industry and research, announces the IA3100, the latest addition to its line of High Performance Ion Mobility (HPIMS(TM)) Instruments. This game-changing technology will debut at the 2013 Pittcon Conference and Expo Booth No. 2007.  

High-performance ion mobility spectrometry (HPIMS(TM)) offers high-resolution separation based on analytes' gas phase ion mobilities. HPIMS delivers resolving power that complements modern chromatography and mass spectrometry analysis. The IA3100 hyphenated chromatography-ion mobility spectrometer system is used for the most comprehensive analytical separation of complex samples. The benefits of HPIMS are realized through simultaneous separation and detection. Excellims provides standalone and transportable configurations with flexible sampling accessories that are a practical solution for laboratory, process and field use.

The superior separation speed and impressive 70+ resolving power of HPIMS make it an ideal tool for high throughput analysis and screening. It can be combined with or used in place of chromatography and mass spectrometry. HPIMS is well suited for applications requiring robust analysis that need to be performed in challenging environments, typically found outside of a lab.

HPIMS provides standalone chemical analysis at lower costs and without added complexity. Excellims GA2100 DirectSpray(TM) and RA4100 Research HPIMS(TM) instruments are used throughout the world in government and other organizations identifying contamination and detecting counterfeits in food and drug products.

Dr. Ching Wu, Excellims CEO, adds, "The IA3100 brings the power of HPLC and HPIMS together as a complete separation and detection solution. Challenging separations such as isomers will make this combination a first tool of choice. Combining HPIMS with HPLC simplifies complex method development and significantly reduces analysis time. The IA3100 user interface provides seamless operation and data collection. The total solution for isomers separation is now complete and results are displayed in enhanced 3D format."

Applications in pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing processes include: reaction monitoring, cleaning verification and content uniformity.

In addition, food and drug inspection plus explosives and controlled-substance detection are further applications for the unique capabilities of HPIMS.

Founded in 2005, Excellims Corporation developed the HPIMS(TM) technology to answer the needs of government and industry for better alternatives of detecting chemical substances with speed and accuracy. 

Excellims will be showcasing the IA3100 technology, along with its GA2100 and RA4100 family of HPIMS analyzers at Pittcon 2013, Booth No. 2007.

For technical specifications and information on Excellims HPIMS(TM) technology, applications, and products, please e-mail to Steven M. Pomerantz, VP Sales and Marketing at Email or visit

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