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Made of hardened steel, resharpenable SDS-max® R-Tec(TM) flat and bull point chisels feature 3-cutter geometry and reflection collar that facilitates material removal by maximizing tool impact. SDS-plus® Viper Flat Chisel utilizes 2 wedge shaped break-out teeth in addition to front and side cutters to produce maximum cracks and breakage. Tile Chisel has flat cutter and angle that enables unit to only remove desired tiles without breaking them.

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New Bosch SDS-max® R-Tec(TM), SDS-plus® Viper and Tile Chisels 15% to 40% More Efficient

Demolition Accessories Fill Out Both SDS-max and SDS-plus Lines

Mount Prospect, Ill., November 8, 2004 - Worldwide masters in concrete drilling and breaking, Bosch Power Tools and Accessories, a division of the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation, launched a new SDS-max® R-Tec(TM) and a SDS-plus® Viper Flat Chisel, each up to 15% faster than current industry standards, and a new Tile Chisel, up to 40 percent more effective. Six additional hammer steel accessories round out the new line offering remodelers and contractors long life, efficiency and performance.


For the new SDS-max R-Tec flat & bull point chisel, Bosch integrated special reflection element and three-cutter cutter technology utilized on the flat chisel to maximize every impact. Unlike any other chisel on the market, the new Bosch R-Tec offers a patent-pending reflection collar that increases material removal rate up to 15-percent over standard chisels. When a demolition hammer strikes the end of a chisel, the impact force travels through the steel and into the material. Though the material absorbs most of the energy, causing cracks and breaks, a percentage of the energy still reflects back up the chisel through the tool and eventually into the operator. The new R-Tec's collar actually redirects the reflected energy back into the material allowing the chisel to hit even harder. Combine this with the specially designed three-cutter geometry, and the new R-Tec is the best SDS-max solution on the market.

Manufactured of high-quality hardened steel, the chisel is resharpenable and offers a long service life. The new Bosch R-Tec Flat & Bull Point Chisels measure 16-inches in length.


The new Viper SDS-plus flat chisel utilizes two wedge shaped break-out teeth in addition to front and side cutters to increase the accessories efficiency also by 15-percent. By offering such innovative features, each impact offers more cracks and breakage. Each Viper chisel is manufactured with the highest quality inductive hardening standards to ensure the longest life possible. The new Viper flat chisel measures 3/4-inch by 10-inches.


When it comes to removing tile, every professional knows that fewer tiles broken means a quicker job. With this in mind, Bosch designed its new tile chisel for just this purpose. Designed with a flat cutter and special angle, remodelers can easily position it to only remove desired tiles and not have to worry about breaking them. The new chisel makes it easy to slide right under tiles and pop them up without breakage. Overall, this new accessory makes professionals up to 40-percent more effective. The new tile chisel measures 1-1/2-inches by 10-inches and currently accompanies the new Bosch 11320EVS SDS-plus chipping hammer, the perfect remodeler's kit.

Bosch also added a slew of other demolition hammer accessories. These include the following:

Gouging Chisel 3/4-inch by 10-inches SDS-plus

Carbide Pointing 1-1/4-inches by 8-inches SDS-plus

Stubby Scaling 1-1/2-inches by 6-inches SDS-plus

Stubby Pointed 6-inches SDS-plus

Stubby Flat 3/4-inch by 6-inches SDS-plus

In addition SDS-max and SDS-plus, Bosch offers Round Hex, 3/4-inch Hex and 1-1/8-inch Hex Collar steel and a Pneumatic Steel range offering 7/8", 1" and 1-1/4" Hex Collars. Now, the complete Bosch line offers more than 55 different accessories for chipping, breaking and even wood chiseling.

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