Chirch Global Expands Into High Tech Metal Fabrication

Chirch Global Manufacturing, LLC (McHenry, IL) has traditionally focused on providing precision metal stampings, tool and die services, assembly, and just-in-time delivery for their global customers in the automotive, aerospace, medical, electronics, hardware, consumer goods, and appliance industries. According to Anthony L. Chirchirillo, CEO, "Major changes have impacted everyone in the manufacturing environment, and research showed us that diversification and expanding our globally competitive advantage were going to be key drivers to our ongoing rapid growth and future success. Customer demands for lower costs, shorter production runs, reduced lead times, and higher quality requirements, along with intense competition, made it clear that we needed to add highly automated sheet metal fabrication services to our repertoire of manufacturing solutions. Our goal was not to just dabble in fabrication, but implement a game changing strategy. We view this as an opportunity to start from a clean slate, which will allow us to develop a fabrication capability using the latest technologies that provide the highest productivity and quality along with globally competitive overall costs for our customers."

Chirchirillo adds, "Chirch Global takes great pride in our ability to offer progressive manufacturing solutions to our customers. By continuing to invest in our employees and in state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, we feel that we can offer our customers not only a high-quality product, delivered on time, but at a cost that will permit our customers to compete with anybody - anywhere in the world."

After a thorough evaluation of a variety of potential suppliers, Chirch Global partnered with Amada (Amada America Inc.) to install an entire sheet metal fabrication cell that includes automated load and unload material handling, automated servo-drive punching, a hybrid servo-hydraulic press brake, robotic finished part stacking, and remote programming. "Our growth is integrally tied to the success and growth of our customers. We view our customers as business partners, and therefore, this technology is fulfilling our commitment to help them level the global manufacturing playing field", adds Chirchirillo.

The Amada punching cell consists of an EM2510NT 22-ton twin servo drive 45-station turret punch press, an MP1225NJ sheet load/unload device, and a PR300III automatic part remover. "The automated punching cell gives Chirch Global the ability to load and process materials, stack and sort the finished parts, and unload scrap skeletons with no physical intervention from the operator. This not only helps cut the labor cost, but also reduces damage to cosmetically-sensitive parts due to mishandling," says Stephen J. Keating, Executive General Manager of Amada America, Inc. After the blanking process, parts can then go directly to the press brake, if necessary. Amada's software allows for off-line programming of jobs, which helps keep production personnel focused on value-added production tasks and getting parts out the door as quickly as possible.

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"Chirch Global is also committed to doing our part to help the environment. The machines make extensive use of advanced servo technology to significantly reduce electrical and oil consumption along with maintenance costs. We believe this will be a significant factor in helping us stay competitive in today's global market," says Chirchirillo.

"Amada is very excited about partnering with Chirch Global Manufacturing because of their strategy to embrace first-mover and cutting-edge technology in their global manufacturing operations", notes Keating. "Combined with our established stamping, tool and die, assembly, and packaging services, we feel that our investment in this state-of-the-art sheet metal fabrication cell is going to really open up the possibilities to offer a whole new range of manufacturing solutions to our customers, whether it's a one-off prototype, or a one million-plus piece production run. It's a game changer."

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