Chippers/Shredders offer discharge, self-feeding options.

Press Release Summary:

In addition to respectively reducing up to 3, 4, and 5 in. dia branches into woodchip mulch, Chipper with Shredder models 9.5 , 11.5, and 21.0 separately shred up to .5, .75, and 1.5 in. dia yard/garden waste. Entry model (9.5) includes 2.5 bushel debris bag, and 21.0 model has self-feeding technology. Respectively, 11.5, 16.5, and 21.0 Self-Feeding Chippers consume up to 3.75, 4.75, and 5.75 in. dia branches. With PTO shaft, 3-Point Hitch self-feeding chipper has 4.75 in. dia branch capacity.

Original Press Release:

DR® Power Equipment Introduces Entirely New Lineup of Chippers and Chipper Shredders, Including New Low-Priced Model

VERGENNES, Vt. – DR Power Equipment, a Generac® Company, has long been a leader in outdoor property maintenance equipment. With a penchant for innovation and problem­ solving, the company works constantly to update and improve their product lines. This year, DR is excited to introduce a completely re-engineered line of DR Chippers and Chipper Shredders.

Most notably, the lineup includes an all-new entry model, the 9.5 Chipper with Shredder that combines premium DR brand features with a competitive $799.99 introductory price tag. The company believes that the new model will expand its traditional consumer base (country property owners) to include a more suburban-leaning market.

"We've always been very strong among mid-to-large size property owners who have lots of trees and an ongoing need for a reliable wood chipper," says Joe Perrotto, president and CEO of DR Power Equipment. "But there are a lot of people out there with smaller properties who want a more portable, lighter machine that can also handle garden waste. This new model gives us that, and offers significant power in a compact design.

The DR 9.5 Chipper with Shredder easily reduces branches up to 3" in diameter into useful woodchip mulch. The separate shredding chamber will consume all types of yard and garden waste -- weeds, sticks, leaves, garden cuttings, acorns, and more. Included with the machine is a 2.5 bushel debris bag, which can attach directly to the output chute in places where a user wants to control discharge--for example, around flower beds or swimming pools.

Perrotto believes that the new model, in combination with the improvements to the rest of the lineup, has the potential to double the number of chippers the company sells in the coming year.

The new lineup includes six additional models: two more with shredders included, and four dedicated wood chippers for the customers who don't want or need a shredder.

"Our aim, with the new line, was to have something for every consumer," says Perrotto. "Some customers need a machine they can tow on public roads, others only need the ability to tow their chipper around their property with an ATV or lawn tractor, and some just want a unit they can manually wheel around their yard and woodlot. With this new lineup, we believe we've got it all."

The new DR Chippers are available in seven models, all with impressive chipping capacities and engine power.

Chippers with Shredders:

--  Lightweight and easy to maneuver, the 9.5 Chipper with Shredder chips branches up to 3" in diameter and shreds lighter yard and garden waste up to .5" in diameter.

--  Larger and more powerful, the 11.5 Chipper with Shredder model adds 20% more power and the ability to chip branches up to 4" in diameter and shred .75" diameter yard and garden waste. A pin-hitch is available for off-road towing.

--  The 21.0 Self-Feeding Chipper with Shredder is DR's most powerful unit with a chipper. It will chip branches up to 5" in diameter and shred 1.5" diameter yard and garden waste. The 21.0 model features the same DR self-feeding technology available on all the dedicated chipper models. It comes standard with road-towing equipment.

Dedicated Chippers:

--  The 11.5 Self-Feeding Chipper is a dedicated chipper that will consume branches up to 3.75" and features DR's self-feeding technology that allows branches to be drawn into the chipping hopper without force-feeding. A pin-hitch option is available for off-road towing with a lawn tractor or ATV.

--  The 16.5 Self-Feeding Chipper offers a 40% boost in engine power and is available with electric starting. It will chip branches up to 4.75" in diameter and features DR's self-feeding technology. Available options include a road-tow kit and an extended high discharge chute.

--  The 21.0 Self-Feeding Chipper is DR's most powerful wood chipper. It will chip branches up to 5.75" in diameter and is commercial duty machine that is designed for the rigors of continuous wood chipping without bogging down, even under heavy loads. Available options include a road-tow kit and an extended high discharge chute.

--  The 3-Point Hitch model is a self-feeding chipper for tractor owners, and comes with the PTO shaft included. It's essentially the same as the 16.5 model (with a branch capacity of 4.75"), but powered by the customer's tractor.

The new DR Chippers are currently available at introductory pricing, and will begin shipping in October 2015. For more information, visit DR on the web at or call 1-­800-­687-­6575.

DR® Power Equipment, a division of Country Home Products, Inc.(a Generac® company), the premier developer and marketer of professional-grade outdoor equipment for residential use, was founded in 1985 in Charlotte, Vermont. Today it occupies three facilities and employs 220 people. For more information, visit the web site at

PRODUCT PHOTOS AND DEMONSTRATIONS ARE AVAILABLE.  DR® Power Equipment sells products factory-direct and through a network of over 500 dealers; a free catalog can be ordered at 802-877-1200, or obtained online at


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