Chip Resistors offer values down to 0.001 ohm.

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With physical dimensions from 0.250 x 0.126 x 0.035 in. to 0.250 x 0.125 x 0.35 in., ULX-2512 series ultra-low ohm chip resistors are available in values from 0.001-0.1 ohm. They are offered in 4-terminal Kelvin configuration, single side or wraparound, with platinum/silver, solder coated platinum/silver, or gold contacts. Tolerances available include: 5% (0.001-0.005 ohm); 5% and 2% (0.005-0.010 ohm); and 5%, 2%, 1% (0.010-0.100 ohm).

Original Press Release:

IMS Announces Availability of ULX-2512 Series Ultra Low Ohm Chip Resistors

Portsmouth, Rhode Island, USA - International Manufacturing Services, Inc. (IMS), a leading manufacturer of high quality thick film resistors and substrates to the electronics industry, announces that its ULX-2512 series of ultra-low ohm chip resistors are now available in values ranging from 0.001 ohm to 0.1 ohms. Tolerances available are 5% (0.001 ohm to 0.005 ohms), 5% and 2% (0.005 ohms to 0.010 ohms), and 5%, 2%, 1% (0.010 ohms to 0.100 ohms).

The series is offered in 4-terminal Kelvin configuration (single side or wraparound) with platinum/silver, solder coated platinum/silver, or gold contacts available. Physical dimensions are from 0.250" x 0.126" x 0.035" to 0.250" x 0.125" x 0.35".

IMS manufactures quality thick film chip resistors, both standard and custom, for applications ranging from automotive sensors to high frequency microwave and medical equipment. IMS has been supplying the electronics manufacturing industry with highest quality thick and thin film chip resistors and chip attenuators since 1974. For more information, visit, or contact the company at 50 Schoolhouse Lane, Portsmouth, RI, 02871 USA, Tel. 401-683-9700. Fax 401-683-5571, e-mail:

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