Chillers Maintain Metalworking Fluids at Precise and Consistent Temperature Levels

Niles, IL – A line of recirculating chillers that maintain the temperature of metalworking fluids with stabilities as precise as ±0.9°F (0.5°C) are available from PolyScience. Designed to provide robust and reliable temperature control for metal forming, machining, and welding equipment, PolyScience DuraChill Chillers have cooling capacities ranging from 5.2 to 33.4 kW at 68°F (20°C). A wide variety of options and accessories make these chillers ideal for virtually any metal fabrication application that uses fluid for cooling and/or lubrication.

DuraChill Chillers are available in both air- and water-cooled models. The company's 1.5, 2, and 3 HP models feature a 41° to 96°F (5° to 35°C) temperature range and maintain temperature with ±0.9°F (0.5°C) stability. Five (5), 7.5, and 10 HP models maintain temperatures from 32° to 86°F (0° to 30°C) with ±2.0°F (1.11°C) stability. Multiple pump options ensure a good fit for most pressure and flow requirements.

Other standard features include dual digital displays that present temperature and pressure/flow rate simultaneously as well as user-adjustable temperature, pressure and flow rate alarms. Many factory installed options, such as serial communication and remote on/off, are also available.

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