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Utilizing York® air source heat pump and R-410A refrigerant, Model RCS GREEN Reverse Cycle Chiller(TM) (RCC) can heat water to 115°F and cool water to 40°F. System can be sized to heating requirements of home. Available in 2-3 ton and 4-5 ton capacity models, chiller has optional APCHPL16 Aqua Solar Heat Pipe hot water collectors, which feature 16 glass vacuum tubes with high-intensity film and heat pipe to absorb solar energy.

Original Press Release:

Reverse Cycle Chiller(TM) Goes Green

Now With an Optional Heat Pipe Solar Collector

Aqua Products Company, Inc., Prosperity, South Carolina, introduces the new GREEN Reverse Cycle Chiller(TM) (RCC) for heating your home or office with hot water or air conditioning with chilled water. The RCC is will also work in conjunction with the Aqua Solar Heat Pipe (APCHPL16) built with 16 high efficiency evacuated vaccum tubes to produce free hot water.

According to John W. Seppamaki, President of Aqua Products Company, "The days of affordable heating our homes or businesses are coming to an end. We are challenged to not only build new green products for the Heating & Air conditioning Industry (HVAC) but we must also develop the most efficient, flexible systems that will incorporate affordability of operations with the comfort equal to fossel fuels. We are the pioneers of the Reverse Cycle Chiller(TM) (RCC) and are proud to be a York® UPG partner. We would like to introduce the new MODEL RCS built around the York® high efficient air source heat pump. The RCS is now available using the new green, R-410A refrigerant and also carries a higher COP rating. We can now merge both our RCS heat pumps with our APCHPL16 solar panels giving us a renewable energy

The first part of this system uses one of the Reverse Cycle System models. The RCS is
able to produce chilled water for air conditioning and dehumidification in the hottest
days of summer. Then in the cold days of winter it provides hot water for comfort
heating. It has been called the hot air heat pump and the radiant floor heat pump. You
can choose to use this hot water for radiant floor heating, forced air central systems,
multiple ductless fan coils or use a mixture of all of the above.

The RCS is a highly-efficient way to heat hot water to a maximum of 115°F at costs
competitive with gas fired systems. The RCS uses electric compressor technology to
produce low cost hot water. The amount of useful hot water delivered by the RCS is
greater than the amount of energy it takes to create it. The hot water Coefficient of
Performance (COP) of the RCS is the ratio of useful hot water output (Btuh)
compaired to the total Kilowatt (1 KW = 3413 Btuh) it takes to produce it. The COP
range of the RCS is from 2 to as high as 6 when operating under favorable conditions.
The maximun COPs of gas, oil or electric resistance heating is always one.

What makes the RCS different is its ability to allow the York® heat pump to be sized
to the heating requirments (load) of the home. Most heat pumps cannot be sized to the
true heat load because the air conditioning load is normally smaller and this could
cause short cycling when using to air condition the home. This means that most standard DX heat pumps require supplemental electric resistance heat strips to help match the deficiencies by attempting to provide all of the heat. This is like buying half of a furnace then going to Wal-Mart to purchase small electric heaters attempting to keep warm when cold weather requires the need for the other half that is just not available. Because the RCS can be sized to the heating requirements of your home, it is able to produce hot, comfortable air the majority of the time in the winter with back-up heating required only during emergencies on those few extremely cold winter days that need extra heat.

The RCS heating and air conditioning systems work by sending water through the same two insulated pex water pipes to provide the energy needed for comfort heating and cooling. The RCS uses the high efficiency air source heat pump and converts its energy into an affordable total electric comfort system. We also can install one of our Aqua Solar Tanks with two optional independent water circuits which allows us to divert our stored hot water energy to assist in heating our potable water or used with our RCS for space heating. The RCS can also be used with other alternative energy sources such as wood fired boilers, fuel cells, etc...

The purpose of the storage tank is to act as a buffer and serve as a "thermal flywheel"
that assists the system during times of low output and helps shorten defrost cycles without taking heat from the building. This design will also insure that the RCS will not short cycle during the air conditioning cycle.

Hot water radiant floor systems are growing across the world and have become
known as one of the most comfortable and cost efficient ways to heat a home or
office. The RCS has made it easy and economical to provide an affordable total
electric home by adding its ability to provide hot water for radiant floor heating
using an air source heat pump. The RCS is designed to operate normally down to
17° F outdoor temperatures without the need for back-up heat. By adding an RCS
to a radiant floor system gives you the ideal comfort systems for cold climates.
The RCS is able to produce up to 115° F hot water; but just as important, it can
produce down to 40° F chilled water for great air conditioning and dehumidification.
Both heating and air conditioning sides can provide true zoning by using
standard or high pressure air handlers and/or ductless fan coils and/or radiant
heating or combination of all of the above.

The advantage of using water with an air source heat pump gives us the unique ability of adding multiple single phase power RCS modules for larger loads like 10, 15, and 20 tons. Staging is accomplished with a simple adjustment of the built in
water temperature controller standard in each RCS.

The second part of the system uses the Aqua Solar Heat Pipe (APCHPL16) hot water
collectors. The Aqua Solar Heat Pipe collector consists of a series of 16 glass vacuum
tubes with high intensity film and contain a heat pipe in each tube to absorb solar
energy even on a cloudy day. This heat energy is then transfered into a water glycol
solution being circulated from our Aqua Solar Tank (AST). The free stored hot
water/glycol can be used to heat water circulating through both of our independent
AST circuits and used where most benifical depending on the time of the year.
Each vaccum tube is round by design and can track the sun which allows for hot
water production from mid morning till mid afternoon. Just two of the new
collectors are capable of producing 80 gallons of hot water a day which used to take
three of the old style panels under favorable conditions.

By adding the solar generated hot water to the Aqua Solar Tank gives us several
options on how we can use this free hot water. First option: we can use the free hot
water during the heating season to help supplement the RCS with additional free
solar heat. Second option: we can use this free hot water during summer months to
heat most of our domestic hot water or it could be used to assist in the heating a pool
or spa.

Aqua Products Company is starting its first pilot programs by adding a new model of our RCS with flex sizing. The new models are the RCS-24/36 = 2 to 3 ton capacity and the RCS-48/60 = 4 to 5 ton capacity. This progam is under way in the states of Oregon, Washington, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Aqua Products Company, Inc. is in the process of training a limited number of York® contractors in select areas to market and install this new hybrid system. For
additional information contact:
John W. Seppamaki

or contact your local York® Distributor or Dealer.

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