Cherry Aerospace in Santa Ana, California Has Recently Purchased a Automatic Barrel Parts Loader from Mesa West Intl.

CORONA, CA (Feb. 17, 2009) CHERRY AEROSPACE in Santa Ana, California has recently purchased a Automatic Barrel Parts Loader from Mesa West Intl.

The Automatic Barrel Parts loader provides an automatic, safe and easy method to weigh, lift and dump part totes or baskets into plating or finishing barrels.
CHERRY AEROSPACE plans to use the Automatic Barrel Parts Loader.

By eliminating this manual task from the line operators routine we will reduce work related injuries due to continuous lifting of heavy totes on a daily basis. Mesa West also say's, each unit is carefully designed to meet a company's specific requirements. Part Loaders can be configured for single or double barrels in various sizes.

The Automatic Barrel Parts Loader system features a digital weigh scale for verification of the tote contents weight prior to loading. This information is useful in determining the proper rectifier setting during processing.

At the operators command, the Parts Loader will lift the totes off the scale and continue to move them into the discharge position where the tote contents are then directed through a stainless steel funnel into the processing barrel. At the end of the dump cycle the totes will be returned to their original position for removal by the operator.

For more information contact: Tim Walker at Mesa West Intl., 2451 Pomona Rd., Corona, CA 92880 Phone: (714) 634-2526 Fax: (714) 634-8560 Email: http://www.

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