Chemir Analytical Services Excels in Polymer and Plastic Analysis

St. Louis (June 2009) - Polymers, plastics and composites can be found in a wide variety of industries, including automotive, sporting goods, toys, industrial products, construction materials, consumer goods and more. When challenged by tough plastic and polymer problems, manufacturers turn to Chemir Analytical Services for independent, reliable answers.

An unknown material is often the underlying cause of many difficult problems in plastics and polymers. The goal of material identification is to understand the chemistry of the major components. Chemir has developed expertise in identifying and characterizing unknowns in plastic and polymeric materials through analytical techniques and expert interpretations.

Chemir Analytical Services is also the industry leader in the deformulation of products and materials. Also known as reverse engineering, deformulation is the separation, identification and quantitation of ingredients in a formulation. Chemir's experienced chemists have performed deformulations on hundreds of products and have the skills and the tools to successfully deformulate the most difficult materials.

Chemir's polymer and plastic deformulation services are unique. "Other labs may provide simply a list of major ingredients or classes of compounds as their deformulation results", explains Aaron Cassely, Senior Director of Technical Services, "However, a Chemir deformulation report will include a complete table of ingredients, analysis and interpretations, methods used, conclusions, observations as well as the original data."

From patent infringement to failure analysis, Chemir's results have helped companies solve tough problems with plastic and polymer materials. "Plastics and polymers are extremely complex materials," said Dave Riggs, President of Chemir Analytical Services. "Whether diagnosing a problem concerning product failure, researching a new additive, characterizing a competitor's product or researching the infringement of a patented product, Chemir Analytical Services offers full service support to any industry dealing with plastics and polymers."

About Chemir Analytical Services

Chemir Analytical Services solves challenging problems involving chemical analysis and material testing. Since 1959, this independent laboratory has solved thousands of issues involving material analysis, contaminant and impurity identification, deformulation (reverse engineering), formulation, product failure analysis, analytical method development, patent, intellectual property and other legal challenges for nearly 7000 clients. The scientific staff of 35, including 10 Ph.D. level chemists, employs state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation and expert interpretations to assist such industries and food and beverage, polymer, plastic, packaging, paints and coatings, personal care, consumer products, specialty chemicals and more. For more information, visit

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