ChemImage Sensor Systems Selected to Develop Final Prototypes to Support the U.S. Army Next Generation Chemical Detector Program

PITTSBURGH - ChemImage Sensor Systems (CISS) announced that the US Army has exercised the second option under its Next Generation Chemical Detector (NGCD) contract.  Under the Option, CISS will design, fabricate and test Final Prototype sensors designed to detect and locate chemical warfare agents (CWA) on environmental surfaces. This work will be done under the direction of the Joint Project Manager for Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Contamination Avoidance (JPM-NBC-CA).

Under the Option, CISS will continue the refinement of its portable hyperspectral imaging technology for CWA detection and produce Final Prototypes that will be evaluated by the Government for both operational utility and CWA detection performance. "The award of this Option enables CISS to build on the work performed in the Breadboard and Brassboard phases of the Program and get one step closer to fielding reliable and novel surface contamination detection sensors," stated CISS Project Manager, Charles W. Gardner, Ph.D., PMP.

"Proliferation of CWA continues to be a problem in our world," stated Marie Molnar Hammond, Vice President of Marketing and CISS Business Director. "We are pleased to continue our interaction with the U. S. Army to provide handheld instruments that dramatically lessen the warfighter impact of these terrible weapons of mass destruction."

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ChemImage Sensor Systems (CISS™) develops innovative standoff chemical imaging sensors that make our world healthier and safer by utilizing patented imaging capabilities and leverage current in-the-field technologies to address the ever-changing landscape of drugs, chemical, biological and explosive (CBE) threats. CISS has developed a series of chemical imaging sensors for point, proximity, remote and standoff detection and identification in both fixed site and on-the-move configurations, in order to protect military troops, security personnel and citizens. For more information, visit

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ChemImage Corporation, a leader in hyperspectral and Raman chemical imaging technology provides innovative instrumentation, analysis software, contract services and expert consulting to government, industrial and academic organizations. The company's proprietary, state-of-the-art chemical imaging sensors make our world healthier and safer through many scientific applications, including defense, security, pharmaceuticals, forensic science and biomedical diagnostic research, which can reveal critical chemical and biological information from a variety of material systems. For more information, visit

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