Chemically Resistant Ultrasonic Sensors

The new UNAR sensor range from Baumer was developed specifically for use in aggressive industrial environments. The M18x1 sensor housing is made of high-quality stainless steel 1.4435 and the front of the transducer is protected by a chemically resistant Parylene coating. This is characterized by an excellent barrier effect against inorganic acids, alkalis and organic solvents, as well as steam. The sensors are thereby highly suitable for long-term use under the harshest conditions. The UNAR series also features an extremely narrow sonic beam angle. This permits detection through openings with small diameters.

The measuring range can be easily programmed up to an end value of 400 or 1000 mm by the proven Teach-in function using a push-button on the sensor or an external Teach-in input. The resolution is 0,3 mm.

Ultrasonic sensors for level measurement are usually installed vertically with the active face facing downwards. If this is impossible in confined spaces, a screw-on 90° deflector made of stainless steel is available. The influence on the measuring accuracy of the sensor can be virtually ignored. Correctly fitted, the deflector even provides additional mechanical protection to the Parylene-coated transducer. Both switching and distance measuring sensor variants with voltage (0...10 V) or current outputs (4...20 mA) are available.

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