Chemical-Resistant Labels are unaffected by MEK and Acetone.

Press Release Summary:

Allowing in-house addition of variable data via thermal transfer printer, CIL 8200SC metalised polyester labels are resistant to various chemicals and solvents when used in combination with CILS thermal transfer ribbons. Various sizes are available, partially pre-printed or blank. Example uses include labeling aircraft components, fuel valves, hydraulic pumps, and flow control gauges. Bureau service is also available to print barcodes and number sequences.

Original Press Release:

New CILS Ultra Chemical Resistant Labels - Even Resists MEK And Acetone!

Computer Imprintable Label Systems (CILS) has launched their new CIL 8200SC Metalised polyester range of chemical resistant labels where variable data can be added 'in-house' using a thermal transfer printer

CILS chemical resistant labels when used in combination with CILS unique thermal transfer ribbons resist a range of chemicals and solvents including MEK and Acetone and are suitable for rating plate and batch ID labels for aircraft components, fuel valves, hydraulic pumps and flow control gauges.

CILS manufactures the widest range of durable labels in any size and durable labels material, partially pre-printed or blank for you to add data and also has a bureau service to print your barcodes and number sequences onto labels for you.

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