Chemical Purging Agent suits molding/extrusion applications.

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Ampurge(TM) 103400 removes color deposits from molding and extrusion equipment during color change-outs. Designed for purge situations involving olefins and engineering resins, product has reactive formulation with softer scouring material to minimize abrasion in elements susceptible to wear. Solution also combines flushing, scouring, and penetration mechanisms. Requiring as little as 15-20 min, agent can be used with any resin at equipment temperatures up to 550°F.

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Ampacet Introduces Purge Agent for Tough Molding and Extrusion Applications

Ampurge(TM) 103400 Chemical Purging Agent Has Twice the Efficiency of Similar Products

Tarrytown, NY, October 29, 2006 - Given the time and resources spent in removing color deposits from molding and extrusion equipment during color change-outs, Ampacet, the world's leading masterbatch supplier, has introduced a chemical purge agent having at least twice the efficiency of similar products. The new grade, Ampurge(TM) 103400, was developed for challenging purge situations involving olefins and engineering resins.

When Ampurge 103400 was tested against two leading chemical purge agents in an extruder, it removed more than three times the titanium dioxide pigment of the other two. It also had twice the efficiency in clearing color concentrates from an injection molding machine. This was especially true of blue colorants, which it removed more completely and faster. In another test, its efficiency in removing residual polar compounds was more than double that of three commercial chemical purge compounds.

"The total cost benefit with Ampurge 103400 derives from both efficiency improvements and the need for less purge resin," says Rich Novomesky, business unit manager. "Both of these are critical in today's competitive environment and OEM cost-out initiatives."

Doug Rusk, senior technical service engineer, says that Ampacet formulated Ampurge 103400 to be especially reactive. "We also included a softer scouring material, which makes it less abrasive to hot runners, blow molding heads and other elements susceptible to wear," he adds. "Overall, this is a versatile purge agent that can be used with almost any resin at equipment temperatures as high as 550°F."

Ampurge 103400 Chemical Purging Agent combines the four mechanisms found in purge compounds, i.e., flushing, scouring, penetration and reaction. Flushing pushes deposits out by passing a polymer through equipment, and scouring enhances flushing through abrasive action. Penetration involves components that break the metal-residue bond to encourage release. And chemical reaction converts polar resin and color residues to non-polar form so they mix easier with the non-polar olefinic purge agent.

"The time it takes to get rid of persistent tints from a previous color is a major reason for lost productivity, excess scrap, and added cost for the purge agent, energy and other items," Rusk says. "Even machines running a single resin must be purged regularly to remove deposits that can cause black specks and other flaws in the finished product.

"Ampurge 103400 is meant to cope with tough purging issues. It is easy to use and can provide a superior purge in as little as 15 to 20 minutes to improve product quality while holding machine downtime to a minimum."

In using Ampurge 103400, processors first remove the previous polymer in a machine and then fill the system with it. The machine is idled for 15 to 20 minutes and then the next resin-color combination is added. This process can be repeated if parts remain off-color or otherwise contaminated.

Ampurge 103400 joins Ampacet's family of purge compounds for use in extrusion and molding operations. These compounds include Ampurge(TM) 100400, which scrubs residues at minimal abrasion, and Ampurge(TM) 100401, which reduces the oxidation of polyethylene remaining in the extruder during shutdown, start-up and screen pack changes.

About Ampacet
Ampacet Corporation is a global masterbatch leader and offers the broadest range of custom color, special effect, black, white and specialty additive masterbatches for extrusion, molding and a multitude of other processes and applications. Founded in 1937, it now employs more than 1,500 people and has revenues exceeding $650 million. Headquartered in Tarrytown, N.Y., Ampacet Corporation operates technical and color development centers and manufacturing sites throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe.

For more information on Ampurge 103400, contact: Eileen Ferguson, Ampacet Corporation, 660 White Plains Rd., Tarrytown, NY 10591. Tel: (914)631-6600. E-mail: Or visit:

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