Chemical Injection System pumps corrosion inhibitors.

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CHEMJEX(TM) pneumatically-actuated, positive-displacement skid provides proportional-to-flow injection and remote flow monitoring through SCADA communication link. WilRoy(TM) 316 SS, 5 m diaphragm pumps are each capable of injecting 2.25 gph up to 3,000 psi discharge pressure. Pumps feature environmentally isolated design, dual-seal hydraulically actuated diaphragms with leak detection, infinite adjustability with 100:1 turndown, and wear-resistant ceramic plungers.

Original Press Release:

YZ Launches CHEMJEX(TM) Chemical Injection System

Conroe, Texas (November 12, 2002): Crafted from 53 years of Oil & Gas systems experience, YZ recently introduced the CHEMJEX(TM) brand Chemical Injection Systems. With flexibility for injecting a variety of process chemicals, this specific system is engineered for corrosion inhibitor injection and is a pneumatically-actuated positive-displacement skid which provides proportional-to-flow injection and remote flow monitoring through a SCADA communication link. The custom engineered CHEMJEX Systems may be configured to meet a wide range of applications in the Oil & Gas industry where a liquid chemical is injected into a process or pipeline. Corrosion inhibitor injection is one of many applications for the CHEMJEX System. Injection Applications Include: o Methanol o H2S Scavengers o CO2 Scavengers o O2 Scavengers o Accelerants o Corrosion Inhibitors o Paraffin Inhibitors o Scale Inhibitors o Biocides o Amines o Phosphates Key Features Include: o Redundant pneumatically actuated 316ss 5m WilRoy(TM) brand diaphragm pumps from Williams Milton Roy each capable of injecting 2.25 gph up to 3,000 psi discharge pressure. o The WilRoy diaphragm metering pumps feature: o 316 Stainless Steel Construction o Environmentally Isolated design incorporates a Gylon(TM) diaphragm eliminating delamination while minimizing the leakage risk. o Dual-seal hydraulically actuated diaphragms with leak detection o Infinite adjustability with 100:1 turndown o Wear-resistant ceramic plungers o 4-20ma input/output flow signal capabilities to provide proportional-to-flow injection, flow monitoring, and remote startup o 316 Stainless Steel tubing throughout o Corrosion Resistant 316 Stainless Steel construction frame For more information on how the CHEMJEX brand of Chemical Injection Systems can benefit your process system contact YZ at: Em:, P: 1.800.344.5399, 1.936.788.5526, or F: 1.936.788.5698; 3101 Pollok Drive, Conroe, Texas USA 77303. Founded in 1949, YZ Systems is a global leader in the manufacture of sampling, chemical injection, and odorization and odorant detection systems where CHEMJEX(TM) Chemical Injection Systems is a brand name. YZ is a United Technologies Company (NYSE: UTC) organized under the Hamilton Sundstrand - Industrial Division and financially reporting as a company of Milton Roy. The Milton Roy Company is the global leader in the manufacture of chemical metering pumps with manufacturing facilities and representation through out the world.

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