Chemical Injection SCADA System aids oil and gas production.

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Used for control of chemical injection pumps in oil and gas production applications, iWaV supervisor control and data acquisition (SCADA) system allows 2-way communications with pumps and provides usability-optimized interface that allows complete control. Computer-controlled, reliable, intelligent chemical injection control system meets needs of any size operation, from remote, stand-alone sites to optimization and management of production controls.

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Galenfeha Helping American Frackers Beat OPEC


FT. WORTH, Texas -- Galenfeha, Inc., (OTCBB: GLFH) announced today the launch of a revolutionary new intelligent chemical injection control system, the iWaV.  The iWaV is a state-of-the-art, supervisor control and data acquisition (SCADA) system, created specifically for the control of chemical injection pumps.  The computer-controlled, highly reliable iWaV system is designed to meet the needs of any size operation, from remote stand-alone sites, to the comprehensive optimization and management of production controls.

In order to operate more efficiently while easing environmental impact, Oil and Gas producers are actively seeking innovative solutions for reducing chemicals and increasing accuracy in production.  While previous chemical injection methods operate similarly to the drip gas fuel delivery techniques of the early automotive industry; Galenfeha's new iWaV system is comparable to today's state-of-the-art computer controlled fuel injection systems.

The iWaV's SCADA system allows two-way communications with pumps; and the unique, user friendly interface allows complete control of the entire system.  This new product line lessens the costs associated with monitoring and controlling locations through the duration of the pumping cycle, resulting in more efficient and cost effective well site management.

James Ketner, Galenfeha's President and Chief Executive Officer stated, "Although we have seen a reduction in exploration rig count over the last 6 months, production levels are remaining the same.  This tells us that U.S. efficiency is on the rise.  Shale producers have asked us to help them cut costs, and this latest addition to our product line helps meet these goals.  We are happy to be directly assisting producers reduce costs while increasing production efficiency levels."

Galenfeha is committed to providing new solutions to aid energy producers in reducing costs, increasing efficiency and reducing global pollution.

The chemical injection market share approaches $1 billion annually in the United States and North America alone.  Galenfeha markets, services, and sells the individual and complete systems via direct sales as well as established relationships with local and national distribution partners such as Fleaux Services of Louisiana, LLC.

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Galenfeha (OTCBB: GLFH) is a design, engineering, and manufacturing firm with a focus on stored energy and a conscious pursuit of low environmental impact product development.  Galenfeha also proudly designs, manufactures and markets a complete line of patent pending, microprocessor controlled, LiFePO4 chemistry battery systems, as well as a full line of proprietary chemical injection systems. 

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