Chemetall Oakite Products Effectively Remove Traditional and Polymerized Asphalt

New Providence, NJ - Chemetall Oakite, a leader and innovator in surface treatment chemistries, has designed a product line to meet the cleaning needs of the Road Paving and Maintenance industries.

Oakite® 12 is an effective asphalt release agent. Because it is utilized in low concentrations, Oakite® 12 is cost effective. When applied to a surface before coming into contact with asphalt, Oakite® 12 acts like a lubricant to allow the asphalt to slide off without sticking.

For tar asphalt removal, customers trust Oakite® 214 M. A preferable alternative to diesel fuel or naphthalene, Oakite® 214 M can be used inside the maintenance area to bring trucks and equipment back to metal quickly and easily. For polymer asphalt removal, Chemetall Oakite created Ardrox® 6076. Made from natural citrus, Ardrox® 6076 effortlessly cuts through polymerized asphalt, and does not add any environmental impact.

To remove soils from hot oil heat transfer systems, Chemetall Oakite has developed a simple two-stage chemical cleaning process. Using Oakite® 214 M or DZL, Oakite® 85 or Gardacid P 4462 and Oakite® 77 or Dynadet will remove carbonized oil and scale.

In addition to supplying the right products for asphalt removal, Chemetall Oakite also offers the equipment, such as Asphalt Release Spray-Alls, Airless Foamers & Compressed Air Foamers and Rapid Drive thru Asphalt Release Systems, needed to make the job easy.

"Road Paving and Maintenance is an important market for Chemetall Oakite," said Julia Murray, Vice President of Technical Marketing. "By providing chemical cleaners and equipment that are cost effective, environmentally and worker friendly, and competitively priced, we hope to remain a primary solutions provider to the industry."

Chemetall Oakite, with headquarters based in New Providence, NJ, has been developing, manufacturing, and supplying state-of-the art specialty chemical products since 1909. The ISO 9001 certified company offers a wide spectrum of products ranging from cleaners, sanitizers, chain lubes, defoamants, and water and waste treatment programs to complete product offerings. Chemetall Oakite's integrated products, chemical management systems, process equipment, and service programs facilitate the achievement of many industries' processing needs.

Chemetall Oakite, a world-class specialty chemical company with subsidiaries throughout the world, is a member of the Rockwood Specialties Inc., a renowned international corporation.

For more information contact: Oakite Products, Inc., 675 Central Avenue, New Providence, NJ 07974; Tel: 800-526-4473 / (908) 464-6900; Fax: 908-464-4658; Web site:; or Email:

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