Chemcoaters Addresses EQ Controversy Directly

“G40 hot dip galvanized with Intercoat® ChemGuard will substantially outperform G235 and offer a much lower overall cost,” states director of sales  marketing Mike Tieri

In a forceful announcement made today, Chemcoaters, Inc. (Gary, Indiana) directly addressed the EQ (Equivalent Coating) controversy with the statement above, attributed to Mike Tieri, Director of Sales & Marketing for the company, a leading green coil coater based in Gary, Indiana. 

Elaborating, Mr. Tieri cited the following example. 

“For 16 ga coil (0.056 specifically), the zinc coating to a G30 thickness is currently adding $1.90 cwt. By contrast, G235 thickness zinc coating is $11.10 cwt. To apply our Intercoat® ChemGuard to G30 is no more than $4.00 cwt, so the economics are unquestionable. Since G30 is commercially available from many more sources, it means service centers, OEM’s and processors can use a lighter and obviously less-expensive zinc coating thickness, have a metal product that is considerably easier to form and shape, reduce SKU’s, increase inventory turns, increase corrosion resistance and save money immediately. Doesn’t get much better,” Tieri mused. He further noted that this example is not always applicable, given the size of the coils supplied to Chemcoaters.  

The InterCoat® ChemGuard product can also remain bare, be painted or welded, plus it’s RoHS compliant and can even be tinted in a spectrum of colorations, according to Tieri.  

Chemcoaters, Inc. is a leading supplier of various coil coatings and cleaning services for the coiled metals market.  The company's patented InterCoat® ChemGuard 300 coating is formulated with trivalent chrome vs. hexavalent chrome, making it environmentally friendly in all building, architectural, transportation and consumer appliance applications. InterCoat® ChemGuard 300 coating has superior corrosion resistance, as well. Chemcoaters offers a presentation that evidences this fact to all interested parties.  

For more information, please contact: 

Mike Tieri

Director of Sales & Marketing

Chemcoaters, Inc. 

700 Chase Street

Gary, IN 46404

Phone:  877-411-2905


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