Chem-Trend Announces New Die Cast Lubricant Products, Reports Positive Customer Feedback

o New die lubricants used for magnesium die-casting cuts VOC emissions

o Powerlube 760 piston lubricant for aluminum alloy market reduces waste by 50% while improving tip life.

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Howell, Mich., August 11, 2008 - Chem-Trend, a global manufacturer of release agents, including die lubricants, and other process chemical specialties for the die casting and other manufacturing industries, announced a new product series for the high pressure die cast industry segment, the Safety-Lube® 7700 Series. These products are new die lubricant technologies for the magnesium die casting market. Also, Chem-Trend announced that its Powerlube 760, a plunger lubricant for the aluminum alloy die cast industry, was introduced to the market within the last six months, and the company reports positive customer feedback during that time.

Chem-Trend developed these new products because its customers continually demand higher performing die lubricant technology. These breakthrough products exemplify Chem-Trend's commitment to partnering with its customers in finding solutions for specific problems, and taking performance advancements to the entire market segment.

Die Cast Lube for the magnesium market

The Safety-Lube® 7700 Series of products are the first products of their kind on the market, and were developed in Europe for the magnesium die cast industry. Chem-Trend developed a volatile organic compound (VOC)-free product that is ideally suited to the faster 20 - 60 sec. cycle time typical in magnesium die castings used to make mid-sized automotive components.

Chem-Trend customers approached the company expressing concern over the use of solvent-based products due to the negative health implications of solvents and compliance with local environmental standards. Water-based products were found to be unsuitable since the water acting as the carrier excessively cools the die, resulting in defective parts. Chem-Trend developed special formulations that were able to provide the filling and release characteristics of solvent-based products without affecting the cycle time or producing VOC emissions.

Powerlube 760

Powerlube 760 was developed for plunger lubrication in the aluminum die casting industry as a means of reducing product waste and preventing premature wearing of plunger tips. The plunger injects molten metal into the die at high pressures that can reach 5,000 psi. Effective piston lubrication is critical in maintaining a smooth filling cycle and extending the life of the shot sleeve, plunger tip and the die. Until now, operators used traditional oil-based products, often applying excess lubricant to preempt problems. This created a hazardous environment due to the oils dripping to the floor. Costs also increased due to the larger volume of lubricant being used and additional labor for clean-up.

Chem-Trend developed Powerlube 760 to address these issues. A novel product with reduced viscosity, use of Powerlube 760 reduces the lubricant required by one-third, and also prolongs tip life. When fed through special low volume injection devices, there is little excess or wastage.

Powerlube 760 has been on the market in Europe for six months, and has received good response from Chem-Trend customers, according to G. "Nat" Natesh, Chem-Trend business development director for the die cast industry.

About Chem-Trend: Chem-Trend is a global organization with sales offices in 17 countries and distributors in more than 50 countries that are supported by their headquarters in Michigan and manufacturing sites on five continents. Chem-Trend has a singular focus of formulating and manufacturing innovative chemical specialties for use in the die casting, rotational molding, general rubber, polyurethane, tire, thermoplastics and composites industries. By working with its customers directly and on a personal level, Chem-Trend develops tailored products that help its customers make better parts - and more of them. At the core of its business are industry-standard mold release agents, die lubricants and purging compounds engineered to maximize productivity while delivering high-quality finished parts.

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