Checkweigher includes rejection capabilities.

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Designed for industrial and institutional packaging applications, Model 4693-R Heavy-Duty Checkweigher features pneumatically operated heavy-duty reject ram that is located directly off side of weigh station conveyor to reject off-spec packages. Weigh station conveyors are 4-5 ft long and run at speeds up to 100 ft/min. System offers production rate of up to 30 units/min and handles weight ranges from 1-110 lb.

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Thompson Scale Designs Heavy-Duty Checkweigher-Rejector Combination

Checkweigher Can Reject Heavy Items Without the Need for a Separate Reject Station

(August 23, 2006) HOUSTON, TX - Thompson Scale Company, a leader in checkweighing systems, packaging machinery controls, and custom production scales, announced today the release of the new 4693-R Heavy-Duty Checkweigher. This checkweigher is ideal for production facilities that produce heavy or bulky items and do not have the extra space for a separate reject conveyor to remove their off-weight products.

The 4693-R Heavy-Duty Checkweigher is unique to the industry and is designed for industrial and institutional packaging applications, with weight ranges from 1 lb to 110 lbs. Weigh station conveyors range from 4' long up to 5' long and run at speeds up to 100 feet per minute. The checkweigher's production rate of up to 30 units per minute meets the weight requirements of most industrial bag and box products.

A pneumatically operated heavy-duty reject ram is located directly off the side of the weigh station conveyor to quickly and accurately reject all off-spec packages. The reject ram is mounted on an isolated frame for optimum stability, performance, and reliability. An optional reject accumulation tray or conveyor can be located on the opposite side to collect rejected items.

The benefits this in-motion checkweigher provides can make a big difference to a production facility. The fact that it has the capability to reject large bags right on the scale itself provides rejection capabilities for many production lines that may not have room for a rejection system. Since it weighs and rejects all in one, the checkweigher costs less than a standard scale that would otherwise have a separate conveyor with the rejector installed on it. Installing the system is also much less obtrusive to existing production lines.

This checkweigher is a simple, easy to use, rugged, yet highly accurate production scale. Although the 4693-R Checkweigher is specifically designed for harsh, abusive, dirty environments commonly found in the cement, concrete, soil, and bark industries; it remains extremely accurate and dependable. Users in the chemical, starch, flour, and salt industries can also rely on this checkweigher for their quality control by weight.

The 4693-R Heavy-Duty Checkweigher is designed for heavy products in many shapes or sizes. Items compatible with the 4693-R include anything from bagged product, to boxes, cartons, and pails. A variety of weigh station conveyors are available to meet the specific needs of each application.

The controllers for these checkweighers can hold 75 unique product recipes in memory and display useful information on production as each unit crosses the scale. Each controller also offers English and Spanish menus in full sentences for better comprehension.

The 4693-R Heavy-Duty Checkweigher is available now. For more information, call 713/932-9071 or visit our website at

Thompson Scale Company

Thompson Scale Company is a leading manufacturer of weighing systems and packaging machinery controls. Thompson Scale has provided the manufacturing industry with highly accurate and reliable weighing solutions for over 30 years. Products include in-motion checkweighers, universal filler controllers, remote digital displays, inline rejector conveyors, and filling machinery upgrades. The company offers quality equipment with training and service in support of all products. Thompson Scale systems are made in the USA and sold to manufacturing facilities around the world.

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