Check Presenters promote cash transactions at bars/restaurants.

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Devoid of credit card company logos, portable EZ-Tip, EZ-Split™ Check Presenters help restaurants and bars increase volume of cash versus credit card transactions while also boosting revenue, supporting wait staff, and improving customer service. Built-in calculator, which lets customers calculate tips and check splits, can also be used by waitstaff for general purposes. Built-in vinyl sleeve pocket accommodates custom advertisements and printed messages.

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Clip Strip Corp.'s New "EZ-Tip, EZ-Split(TM)" Check Presenters Help Restaurants and Bars Save Money, Boost Revenues and Improve Customer Service

HACKENSACK, NJ – Clip Strip Corp., a global leader in developing and marketing innovative Point of Purchase (POP) merchandising products and sign communication components, has launched a new line of “EZ-Tip, EZ-Split™” Check Presenters that are uniquely designed to help restaurants and bars save money, boost revenues, support wait staff and improve customer service.

Clip Strip Corp.’s new EZ-Tip, EZ-Split™ Check Presenters feature a built-in calculator, which allows customers to easily calculate tips and check splits. Wait staff can also carry an EZ-Tip, EZ-Split™ on them, and use the calculator for their own needs.

Plus, unlike conventional check presenters that are provided by credit card companies and display their logos, Clip Strip Corp.’s new EZ-Tip, EZ-Split™ Check Presenters do not have credit card company logos on them, which promote credit card usage at the restaurant or bar. These check presenters are also designed with a built-in vinyl sleeve pocket that allow restaurants and bars to slip in customized advertisements and other printed messages (e.g. “Thank You” note) without having to keep refilling them all day. They are sealed into the check presenter, the vinyl sleeve pocket is stitched on three sides and closes on the fourth.

The goal of the EZ-Tip, EZ-Split™ Check Presenters is to increases the volume of cash vs. credit card transactions, which is a win for restaurants and bars where they save on transaction fees, and a win for customers who get the easy to use built-in calculator.

“Check presenters supplied by credit card companies are designed to promote a transaction that costs businesses 2-3 percent each time. However, our new EZ-Tip, EZ-Split™ check presenters actually do positive things for restaurants and bars,” commented Clip Strip Corp.’s Chief Business Officer John Spitaletta. “In addition, we can help businesses design their ad inserts, and have their logo stamped in gold or silver on the front of each check presenter”.

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